Guide for the Mexican Migrant: Distributed by the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Relations

Were any of us aware of such a document? This official publication is literally a detailed "How To Illegally Cross The Border And Survive" manual.  
No matter what you may think of Trump, he is certainly right about "Mexico sending them here".

Those who feel that Washington D.C. is in collusion with the entire dynamic are  apparently absolutely correct. There is no way that they cannot know of such a blatantly detailed "How To" guide such as this.

View the Spanish language original here (PDF).

Esteemed Countryman:
The purpose of this guide is to provide you with practical advice that may prove useful to you in case you have made the difficult decision to search for employment opportunities outside of your country.

The sure way to enter another country is by getting your passport from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the visa, which you may apply for at the embassy or consulate of the country you wish to travel to.

Reading this guide will make you aware of some basic questions about the legal consequences of your stay in the United States of America without the appropriate migratory documents, as well as about the rights you have in that country, once you are there, independent of your migratory status.However, in practice we see many Mexicans who try to cross the Northern Border without the necessary documents, through high risk zones that involve grave dangers, particularly in desert areas or rivers with strong, and not always obvious, currents.

Keep in mind always that there exist legal mechanisms to enter the United States of America legally.

In any case, if you encounter problems or run into difficulties, remember that Mexico has 45 consulates in that country whose locations you can find listed in this publication.

Familiarize yourself with the closest consulate and make use of it.

To cross the river can be very risky, above all if you cross alone and at night.

Heavy clothing increases in weight when wet and this makes swimming and floating difficult.

If you cross by desert, try to walk at times when the heat will not be too intense.

Highways and population centers are far apart, which means you will spend several days looking for roads, and you will not be able to carry foodstuffs or water for long periods of time. Also, you can get lost.

Salt water helps keep liquids in your body. Although you may feel more thirst if you drink salt water, the risk of dehydration is much less.

The symptoms of dehydration are:

— Little or no sweat.

— Dryness in the eyes and in the mouth.

— Headache.

— Tiredness and excessive exhaustion.

— Difficulty in walking and thinking.

— Hallucinations and visions.

If you get lost, guide yourself by lightposts, train tracks, or dirt roads.


They can deceive you with assurances of crossing in a few hours through the mountains and deserts. This is simply not so!

They can risk your life taking you across rivers, drainage canals, desert areas, train tracks, or highways. This has caused the deaths of hundreds of persons.

For many more survival tips and detailed information on how to get help, go here

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