We are in a Fight; NO, make that a WAR!

These INSANE movements to remove the Confederate Flags, Confederate Memorials, dig up graves and everything else has NOTHING to do with racism. It is an attempt of the Liberal Communists to purge AMERICANS of their Rebel Spirit! An attempt to remove and put out that burning fire for FREEDOM and LIBERTY, to take away the Individual Sovereignty that we have as “WE THE PEOPLE”.

It’s a continuation of the Liberal Communists movement for total government control designed to enslave every person living in this once Great Nation. It has NOTHING to do with a FLAG, NOTHING to do with 9 innocent lives taken by a crazy person, nothing to do with Black and White but everything to do with and about CONTROLLING A FREE PEOPLE!!!

This is the exact same movement the Founding Fathers fought against in 1776. This is the exact same movement the Southern Confederate States of America fought against in 1860 and this is the SAME movement we face NOW.

The time to wake up to the fact that we are in a fight, no WAR for our FREEDOM, LIBERTY and INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY is quickly passing. If you think otherwise, you are being lead to the slaughter. You might as well just put your neck on the chopping block and let the Domestic Terrorists aka Liberal Communists cut your sleeping heads off.

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