The Left Will Not Win !

What makes a people great ?

Their deceit and contempt for this country and nation has no equal, there is no lie, there is no act of deception that they will not perform to complete the ultimate goal of destruction of this nation and its people.
They believe that we are so ignorant that they can tell us anything and we will accept it as truth ! 
They have perverse our laws, and even the very words that this nation stands on.

They want us to believe that wrong is right, and right is wrong ! They want us to believe that good is evil, and evil is good.
And if we challenge their deceptions they demonize us and try to undermine our credibility, and become victimizers as if they were the ones under attack, and they were the ones who were giving up or losing something, trying to convince us what's best for us.

They do not believe in God, and even demonize God ! To raise themselves above criticism and judgment.
We the people of America have been blessed by God with so many miracles, that some of us can no longer see them, we have raised our standard for God's miracles, because we believe we possess some knowledge that makes us great. What makes a people great is there faith in God, and the power that God grants them through his love.

God bless the people of this nation, so that we the people would have our own country our own laws, not to be ruled under a king or a tyrant but to be a free people, God chose us God placed us here, so that we would prosper, God did not remove the wolf at our door, he wants us to know that we must fight if we wish to keep our nation and our freedoms, he wants us to know if we do not kill the wolf, the wolf will surely kill us, God gave us the knowledge and the power to defend ourselves from evil, the matter what form or what shape it takes, and the matter how powerful it may seem to be, God has empowered us to defeat any evil, and that is a miracle that the American people refuse to see !

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