Marine Speaks Out :

And Tells Us Just How It Is !

"always faithful"

                            Christopher Stephen Nawoichik

President Barack Obama, I am no longer subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) because I resigned my commission in 2012 with an honorable discharge. Therefore, I cannot be court-martialed for my words: You are a sick tyrant, a betrayer of the Constitution, and a fraudulent shill. You promote Muslim extremism and suppress Christianity. I am ashamed to have served under you since your election in 2008, because you have done nothing more than undermine the strength and integrity of our Armed Forces. You have purged the good generals (with the testicles to speak up), and you have notoriously dishonored these servicemembers and their families of the Chattanooga, TN, incident -- by not lowering U.S. flags to half-mast on government buildings. My fellow Americans, I am calling for the IMPEACHMENT of this PATHETIC TRAITOR before 2016!

Very respectfully,

(Former) Lt. Christopher S. Nawoichik, USMC

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