Carly Fiorina unleashes fury in powerful statement against Planned Parenthood atrocities

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina recently took to CNN to slam the monsters over at Planned Parenthood.

Her actions follow in the wake of a recent video, which surfaced online that shows a high ranking staff member of Planned Parenthood attempting to sale the body parts of an extracted fetus, as if the child were some sort of commodity.

All major Republican presidential candidates have made statements condemning Planned Parenthood while their Democratic counterparts have largely remained silent.

Fiorina had these powerful words to say on her Facebook page:

“If a woman was looking at the ultrasound used by Planned Parenthood at the same stage of her pregnancy, the doctor would not be talking about fetuses, specimens, or tissues.

They would be saying look at your baby’s heartbeat, eyes, and organs.”

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