by Jane Redmond Consider these wise warnings and words and examine your intentions and motives when you do work "for the Lord." Jesus knows your heart, your motives, no matter how good your works seem to you or to others. 

Christ said to this church in Revelation 2, "But I have this against you..." As Dr. Stanley reminds in his statements below, "Service is no substitute for an intimate relationship." 

Many modern, changing, new age "Christians" work for things God clearly says in His Word is wrong and evil and not to be accepted or compromised with.  These compromisers call their works "of the Lord." 

BEWARE THE FALSE MESSAGING OF "MODERN" HEARTS CALLING THEMSELVES "Christians"  and who claim from their towers that those who do not change with them are the "intolerant Christians." 

YES, THIS IS BEING SAID IN MANY FALLEN CHURCHES TODAY, ESPECIALLY TO THE YOUNG. It isn't just our schools/colleges, government, and media spreading false statements about what is "godly love" today or not. MANY CHURCHES ARE FALLING INTO MAKING UP THEIR OWN RULES AND CALLING IT OF GOD. 

When Jesus came with his teachings, in jealously and seeing a loss of elevation among the people, THE PHARISEES' REACTION WAS TO SET JESUS UP FOR DESTRUCTION AND DEATH. They created their own rules when God clearly said DO NOT ADD OR TAKE AWAY FROM MY WORD. JESUS EXPOSED THEIR HYPOCRISY AND THEIR TRAPPED HEARTS AND MINDS OF SELF-RULE, PRIDE, AND THE LOVE OF SELF AND ADORATION OVER GOD. JESUS THREATENED THEIR STATUS.  THEY DESIRED TO BE IDOLIZED INSTEAD OF SERVING GOD AND RAISING HIM ABOVE EVERY NAME. Their hardened hearts and self-pleasing motives and rules chained them to the world and the prince of this fallen earth. DO NOT THINK THAT YOU, TOO, CAN NOT BE LURED AND TRAPPED INTO THINKING YOUR WORKS ARE GOOD WHEN THEY INDEED GO AGAINST WHAT GOD AND HIS WORD SAYS.  Satan tickles your self-pride every day. His voice never stops luring and tempting you to do and say and think anything that will hurt and destroy the church and children of God. 

Your free choice is still yours today to make. Will you stand with the destroyers or stand up against them and for God and the Lord Jesus Christ? The world or the Lord Jesus Christ? 


Dr. Charles Stanley -- The Priority of Relationship
Revelation 2:1-7

Ephesuswas the home of a tremendous ministry. Despite harsh persecution, the church planted by Paul endured opposition, spread the gospel, and was quick to challenge false prophets. But 30 years after the apostle left, John’s revelation included a stern warning for those believers.

Imagine how the words of Revelation 2 must have struck the Ephesians when they read them. After complimenting their service to the gospel, Christ said, “But I have this against you . . .” That phrase was no doubt extremely disconcerting. The Lord warned them that they had left their first love. In other words, all of their work was being done with wrong motives.

Christ called the Ephesians to remember their love for Him and their delight in His salvation. Service is no substitute for an intimate relationship, but modern believers continue to fall into this subtle trap. The commendable things that we do count for nothing unless they stem from a vibrant personal connection with God. Our work can’t be effective or fruitful unless He is in it.

In fact, God is more interested in you and your personal relationship with Him than in a thousand lifetimes of good works. He desires to be the satisfaction and delight of His children so that their service is a result of loving devotion.

There are plenty of wrong reasons to labor for the kingdom. However, God is satisfied only with service motivated by love for Him. He wants those with selfish intentions to return to their first love. In that way, hearts and minds can be renewed, and service to the Lord will be more fruitful.

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