Observations From Right Field

Here we are another day, another dollar Spent/Wasted, another Excuse, someone new to Blame, people Whining on Cue, another Bad Script to Read ,Drama Queen tryouts everywhere with a Healthy Abundance of "Fear & Loathing for Generations to come ....Such is the "Day In The Life Of The Pseudo-American...If the Faux, Fake, Phony Charading, Parading "Imposers" we call Humans (Liberals Specifically) ever had a Collected, Insightful thought about this Bazaar World we've evolved into, they wouldn't know what the Hell to do with it ...
If you could step back & look at this World (America) from a distance, what would you See, Hear, Feel & Think about the INFINITE Chaos & Anarchy we see STAGED Daily? My first impression would be "How In the Hell" did people get so Ignorant & Apathetic about what's REALLY happening in this WEIRD Country...IMO we became Indifferent & Calloused about TRUTH...Instead hearing TRUE STATEMENTS based on Experience & Wisdom, all we hear anymore is Concocted Sound-Bites that are really nothing but Propaganda Scripts Written for the Now "Attention Defecate Culture" we've all come to LOVE or HATE depending on one's Perspective...Crap my cynicism makes me wonder How Many People re out there that even know what "PERSPECTIVE" means...And that's a redundant thought., but its like an ECHO Chamber that that goes on for infinity......I digress ...
Let me use an old B. DYLAN line,"You See Something Happening Here But You Don't Know What it is"...to use another cliche, "There's Something Rotten In Denmark"....Ask yourself this; what is the real meaning of life? What part do you play in the Scheme of things? Or maybe I should have phrased it as a "Ponzi Scheme? Oh well, that's for later..We were all "Given a Life" to start out with....In my case I had Parents who TRIED to provide me with the BASIC Tools, Knowledge & Homespun Education to Survive in this World....Some of us were born Poor, some Rich, Some with Talent, some with Special Gifts & some were born with the Ability to Reason....But eve those with Money, Talent, Beauty or Intelligence or Intellect had to "HONE IT"....We all have/had to work to"Be the best we can be , otherwise we just DRIFT Aimlessly down "Life's River"
An over-simplistic View of what's "Fundamentally Wrong" in America is that we apparently have more people "Drifting Down Life's Stream Aimlessly" than we do those having "PRODUCTIVE FULFILLING LIVES! Why? For one there is no incentive....Schools teach BEHAVIORS, they would dare teach something that would "Expand One's Mind " The Media Reinforces that Behavior with relentless Propaganda Laced Programming & last but not the LEAST, there is no FAMILY anymore....This Government & the Banksters knew that VIA "Debt" they could make everyone a SLAVE.....There is in fact something very true about the old Cliche,"The Family That Plays Together Stays Together" ...Family life was not always PERFECT but at least in my case it was TRUE
We don't solve PROBLEMS in AMERICA anymore...We either Pretend they don't Exist or we're too STUPID to know what's happening to the BODY & SOUL of ourselves, much less a "Collective American Spirit or Soul...We've known for decades WASHINGTON DC was Corrupt! Most of us Could see there was a Moral Decline also...Yet collectively all we did is "Roll The Eyes,Tune it out & Pretend everything's just FINE ....Give this a thought , there are MORE People Employed by the Federal Government than Work in the PRIVATE Sector ...And I'm not EVEN going to address those MILLIONS on FOOD STAMPS, MEDICAID & Government HOUSING..
In My Opinion America is Starting to Look like MILTON'S, "Paradise Lost!" How can anyone say we're not "Teetering On The Edge?" Hell I don't really Fear the Russians, the Chinese, the North Koreans, the Iranians or the Muslims, they are all a THREAT, but our Extinction will come from the "Free-Loading Criminal Sociopaths" we elected to "Protect Us From this EVIL WORLD!" The Wolves Are Guarding The Hen House...
My Observations From Right Field, aren't pretty, they're cynical but be advised this doesn't have to be so , but where's the "WAKE-UP CALL?" Shouldn't we have already heard "Paul Revere" on his Horse calling us to ARMS? The Feds Are Coming, The Feds Are Coming, haven't we hit BOTTOM yet....I thought so with OBAMA, but the COMMUNIST LIBERALS are beating the WAR DRUMS? Don't you hear them, I certainly do

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