br Robby Bowling
Why do we bother to talk, if you're not going to listen
Why do we bother to teach, if you're not willing to learn
Why do we write what most don't understand
Why do so many pretend, when they don't even care
Why should we try to swim, when most haven't a clue
Why should we search , if there's no treasure
Why should we ask, when we don't wont the truth
Why do we want to be free, when we are captives of a lie
Why should we help one another, when everyone hates
Why is it we see only one point of view
Why do we build Fortresses & and invite our Enemies in
Why should we set sail , when there was never a desire
Why should we sing, when we Can't learn a song
Why should we pray or dream of a tomorrow without a plan
Why does EVIL take a breath if it's already dead
Why do we reject TRUTH & embrace a LIE
Why do we pretend to believe, when we actually have lost faith...
Yes God may very have well put us on this ROAD...
Is it God that Drove us into the Ditch....No
God helps those who helps themselves....
Most of the Useless Damn Fools in America could care less
And as far as this GODLESS Washington government goes, we are just ENTERTAINMENT

If you want your life back, you best be willing to FIGHT

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