WARNING: The socialists posing as Democrats who won their primaries (by state)

If the reader has any doubts about the not so creeping socialism overtaking the American political apparatus, the following post will be most enlightening. The GOP has been either flatfootedly clueless or subversively collusive in the entire entire shift of the American ethos.

The erosion of our basic social institutions: the family, education, religion, politics, and economic structures has been under stealth assault for decades. It is now completely out of the closet.

First here is a brief rundown on on the calculated erosion which has led to the weakening of our culture. The headings are links to the connected articles should the reader have the time and inclination to wade through a plethora of informative material on the following issues.

The Family:
... the first, and and most recognizable one, the family. The biggest tools in the box of its destruction are "Women's Issues", The Sexual Revolution, and Gay Rights.

No this writer is most certainly not a bigot, the objection is to the manipulation of legitimate issues into a false narrative designed to seduce the collective I.Q. into believing the meme of the day..

Education is defined as a formal process in which knowledge, skills, and values are systematically transmitted from one individual or group to another. It appears as though our institution of education has moved from the above definition towards mind control, at least that is the fear of many parents.

A unified system of beliefs and practises pertaining to the supernatural and to norms about the right way to live that is shared by a group of believers. Sociologists treat religion as a social rather than supernatural phenomenon.

Subtle and not so subtle events have been growing nation wide over the past decades in an attempt to rip away the Judeo/Christian foundations of America. It would appear that the attempt to weaken our religious institution is growing and, in some cases, becoming outright militant. 

Sociologists understand the economy as the set of arrangements by which a society produces, distributes, and consumes goods, services, and other resources.
We have heard over and over that there is a huge disconnect between Main Street and Wall Street. By now, the economy should have rebounded as well for the populace as it has for stockholders.

Cronyism, oligarchy and market manipulation have all played a part in the sabotage of the recovery for the much heralded, (and disappearing) middle class. In the end, the economy is a major social institution that must be manipulated, weakened, and undermined for the creation of a global currency and single world government.

Institutions that pertain to the governance of a society, its formal distribution of authority, its use of force, and its relationships to other societies and political units. The state, an important political institution in modern societies, is the apparatus of governance over a particular territory.

..if a state of collective anomie could be induced resulting in the despair of the national psyche leaving it vulnerable to such promises as "Hope And Change", world peace (UN government), economic security (redistribution of wealth), a classless society where all are equal, (all are equally poor due to the elimination of entrepreneurship) and discrimination (free speech) is a crime.

As the reader will probably recognize, social institutions are intertwined and one is frequently used to undercut another. When viewing what has taken place in America through the lens of the social institution model, it becomes very clear as to the evolution of the American ethos from a free market Constitutional form to a more repressive Socialist and totalitarian model.

The following article by Trevor Louden hits upon the concerted drive to change our political/economic systems:

Former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders supporters have regrouped and will mostly support Hillary Clinton for president.

The strategy is two-fold and incredibly organized:
Elect Bernie Sanders-endorsers on the down-ballot. Many of these socialists posing as democrats have already won their primaries.
Groom socialists to take over the federal government for 2018 and beyond.
There are two organizations focused on this effort: Brand New Congress and Our Revolution.
There are many additional organizations obsessed with getting radical left socialists into the federal government. Well-funded groups such as the Victory Fund (Spawned from the vile Human Rights Campaign, which provides support to gay and lesbian political candidates), the Council for a Livable World (which provides support to candidates who want to dismantle the military), and EMILY’s List (which provides support to candidates who are pro-abortion) are just three that come to mind.
These subversive groups are supporting countless “democrats” who will make it their mission to push socialist policies such as:
raising the federal minimum wage to $15.,
amnesty for illegal aliens,
gun control (currently, a major focus is to impose an “assault weapons ban” and take away the rights of citizens on the so-called “no-fly list”),
pouring taxpayer money into “infrastructure,”
“free” college, and
single payer healthcare.
The above organizations should be known by conservative activists, but the immediate threat are those socialists who have endorsed Bernie Sanders (or were endorsed by Bernie Sanders) and who have won their primaries. These socialists are referred to as “Berniecrats” and have been lovingly and painstakingly compiled at Berniecrats.net.

This author is listing them all, the ones with one star (*) won their primary elections and the ones with two stars (**) were specifically endorsed by Bernie Sanders. Yes, these are socialists, and yes, America needs to understand that these people are dedicated to fundamentally transforming America to become a socialist country.


Scroll down to your state, find those immediate threats and make sure that they do not win the 2016 election! Berniecrats.net has the details you need on these candidates.

For a complete list of the Socialists candidates who won their primaries go the article source: Trevor Louden's New Zealand Blog

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