Bringing Down Trump Via MSM Bias, Skewed Polling, False? Accusations, and Fraud

Clearly, the elitists are fearful that their candidate will lose. Thus, they will do what they always do-- engineer a scandal/disaster so damaging that the uninformed will take it as gospel that the designated political target is to blame.

In 2008, when it became obvious that McCain was dangerously close to winning, Soros etal sped up the impending economic collapse by about a year in order to damn the GOP for the collapse of the economy and to to assist his golden one to victory. It worked.

Demanding tax returns, accusing Trump of liking Putin, casting aspersions upon his business practises, and accusations of racism & Islamophobia have not succeeded in destroying him.

Thus, it is now time to bring out the tried and true playbook of sexual impropriety in order to smear the candidate. It was a risky strategy, but the Soros controlled MSM has largely been able to deflect almost all scrutiny from Bill's sexually predatory actions as well as to downplay the damning
exposures unearthed via the Wikileaks dumps of Hillary's emails.

Follow these links for examples of MSM bias:
Media Lies and Media Bias: Why Trump is Under Attack
Media justify anti-Trump bias, claim he's too 'dangerous' for normal rules
The Trump, Khan spat is a perfect example of the mainstream media bias that’s been running rampant during this election season.

On Polling:
Media Polling Fully Exposed – About That NBC/WSJ Clinton +11 Point Poll….

Researchers and political analysts frequent CTH because we bring you hard, factual, and fully cited research enabling you to make up your own mind about the headlines.
What you are about to read (and see) below is a fully cited example of something we have discussed frequently, but withheld until today, so the oppositional forces cannot change strategies in their attempts to manipulate your mind.
It is now time to lay all media polling naked for you to grasp. Everything below is fully cited so you can fact-check it for yourself. However, we present this with a disclaimer: the entities exposed will industriously work to change their approach from this day forth.

You have probably seen the latest example of the media claiming a released presidential poll from NBC and The Wall Street Journal as an example of Hillary Clinton expanding to an 11 point lead in the weekend following the “controversial” leaked tape of Donald Trump.
The claim is complete and utter nonsense. Continue here’s the proof.
And now accusations that are looking shaky under scrutiny:

IF the following accusers are proven to be fabricators, the entire episode may well expose the fact that Hillary is indeed a ruthless liar and will do and/or say anything to acheive her goal.

Rachel Crooks
The New York Times’ Trump accuser Rachel Crooks is lying about Donald Trump allegedly kissing her on the mouth without permission, according to a family friend. ....
Donald Trump “was being nice to her and told her he would contact her for a modeling career and he never did… end of story.” entire post here
Mindy McGillivray
Drunken child abuser and hoaxer Mindy McGillivray is falsely claiming that Donald Trump “nudged” her at a Mar-a-Lago concert that never happened. “Sexual assault”? Give us a break.
The hoaxing media has thrown a slew of “sexual assault” allegations at Donald Trump, hoping one sticks and to create a haze of controversy around the GOP nominee.....
To recap: McGillivray felt “a little nudge” she is now trying to characterize as a “grab,” 13 years later. Neither she nor Davidoff saw Trump “grope” McGillivray and her only “evidence” is Trump looked away. entire post
Natasha Stoynoff
Trump accuser Natasha Stoynoff from People magazine has a fixation with accused rapists and writes like she’s writing 50 Shades Of Grey fan fiction...
Yeah, right. It’s almost as if this never happened and she just wrote this to smear Trump to today’s voters.
The Hillary Clinton campaign has been colluding with the mainstream media to “get” Trump with fake “sexual assault” victims since the second presidential debate, much in the same way they colluded over disgraceful narco baby mama Alicia Machado. entire post
Jessica Leeds
Liberal Democrat and The New York Times Trump assault accuser Jessica Leeds, apparently tied to the Clinton Foundation , caused over $1 million in alleged damages in her career as a broker and has a personal problem with “alpha males”, can reveal.
In addition, her story about Trump “sexually assaulting” her is clearly fabricated.....entire post

Check this one out:
Woman Accusing Trump Of Harassment Tried To Get Job With Trump AFTER Alleged Harassment
With infamous oft-described harassment hoaxster-attorney Gloria Allred (who also happens to be a devoted Hillary Clinton supporter) at her side, a woman by the name of Summer Zervos, a long-ago contestant on Donald Trump’s hit Apprentice TV program, is now alleging Trump groped and kissed her in 2007 at a Beverly Hills hotel without her consent. Zervos shook her head and held back tears as she read a from a prepared script recounting the alleged encounter before a gathering of media cameras.
There is something seemingly amiss with Ms. Zervos’s allegations though, and the deep pain and torment she is now indicating she felt back in 2007 when the alleged inappropriate behavior against her by Donald Trump behavior took place. continue    Zervos Update: Bewildered cousin says Trump accuser GUSHED over Trump for a decade, suddenly comes out with sex story

How about some good old fashioned fraud:
And we also have a Hillary campaign staffer saying ripping up GOP voter forms 'fine'

An undercover video campaign aimed at exposing voter fraud has caught a campaign staffer for Hillary Clinton confessing that ripping up voter registration forms – if they are for Republicans – is “fine.”
The video also reveals a sexist atmosphere inside the Clinton campaign in which another staffer boasts he would probably have to “grab a–” twice before he’d even reprimanded. It underscores the double standard by Democrats who have been critical of the 11-year-old recording of Donald Trump making lewd remarks about women.
In a new video from James O’Keefe at Project Veritas both Wylie Mao, a field organizer for the Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party of Florida in West Palm Beach, and Trevor Lafauci, a Clinton campaign staffer, agree that ripping up registration forms from Republicans should be “fine.”
The video and entire post are here

Do we see a pattern of a ruthless left wing willing to engage in all manner of chicanery and hypocrisy in order to save their agenda?

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