Well it seems we were allowed to make it to MONDAY, that is to say there was no ,"COUP" no " MARTIAL LAW" or no "MUSLIM Victory Dance....So I would suppose it time to start Voting for the Lie of the Week, The Liar of the Week and the Best Screen Play for PROPAGANDA VIDEOS.....
Maybe I should start a new "Radio Show"....shall we call it ,CHICKEN LITTLE RADIO"....where everyday we have a New Staged CHOREOGRAPHED Fake, Phony or FAUX , "The Sky Is Falling Event" not only everyday but now every hour.. 

And let's give credit where credit is due....All PROGRAMING , ALL COMMERCIALS & ALL the Other Cost are paid for by the BASTIAN of Freedom Mr. George (I Luv Hitler) Soros & his now Democratic Nazi Party...AKA ...Communist Party..
Have a Good Day to all of you still believe in Freedom & God...Remember to where Boots & Waders because the Excrement is getting to the "FLOOD STAGE"
And to all the others who enjoy this Prime-Time Circus Farce be sure you take your "Feds-Meds" today at 10,2 & 4....the the in , hip or cool thing is to be SEDATED ....It's easier to HATE that way...

RUSSIAN ROULETTE AMERICAN STYLE, is voting for the lesser of evils....Essentially your told or programmed these days to not Only "Pick your Poison" .....but to love it.....or ?????

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