What about a Trump/Cruz ticket?

We want to here what you...." WE THE PEOPLE " think of this..
What do you think about a Trump/Cruz ticket? 
Comments below are reply's :

1.)This is MY DREAM TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! unstoppable period!

2.)Yup my first thought when reading the title was ahhhh a dream come true !!!

3.)This would be the best possible choice. Imagine TRUMP/CRUZ running against the Hildabeast. She is a known felon several times over and she should be in a federal prison cell today... not running for President of the United States. If we cannot beat the Hildabeast with a TRUMP/CRUZ TICKET, there is no hope for this country. Would Americans actually elect the Hildabeast to the White House......only time will tell, in the meantime, lets run the best that we Conservative Americans have to offer........TRUMP/CRUZ !

4.)I'm All the way with it! Trump/Cruz, or Trump/Carson! That is what America wants!

5.)I think Cruz would hold Trump in line. I would prefer it to be Cruz/ Trump !

6.)This combination is my dream team, but think Cruz is just what is needed on the Supreme Court.


8.)If anyone does not vote at all it is a vote for the democrats, automatically

9.)I used to agree that we all HAD to vote. I used to agree with Glenn Beck's statement, "Not to vote IS to vote". I have changed my mind.

ALL my life, with the exception of Reagan, I ALWAYS found myself voting AGAINST someone, but never FOR someone. I always found myself voting for the "lesser of two evils" or for the "least objectionable". NO MORE!

I will vote for Trump or Cruz and, preferably, for a Trump - Cruz ticket. But I cannot vote for ANY of the other GOP candidates, period. They are just "Liberal Lite".

Let me put it another way: I would rather have a politician who proudly proclaims that he/she is a Commie Progressive than a "closet" Commie Progressive who claims that he/she is Conservative. At least I know who is lying.

I agree with Thomas Jefferson, "Stand fast to principle".

I will go to the polls. There are many other races to be decided and I will vote in those, but I will skip the Presidential box if Trump and/or Cruz are not on the ballot.

10.) according to Project vote smart ... according to ontheissues.org ... and according to all the Rino and Libscum enemies ...

Ted Cruz (proven to be eligible to run for POTUS by Cosntitutional scholar experts) is a true Conservative!




FYI where were the 'birthers' when the FEC allowed a Muslim Non Citizen (with no American parents) to run for POTUS in 2012?

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