There is a time and a reason
To tell others you care
We've now a world full of phonies
Who have never learned to share
It's not a time for indifference
There are hearts now to reach
It's through prayers & actions
That we are able to teach 

I feel so very humble
To have friends who love
They help create a world of splendor
With a little help from above
And to give love is to know love
I think is part of God's plan
Yet so many are lost
Can they ever understand

This world seems void
Of the truth and the light
Yet love is so simple
Why can't we just get it right
I think this all starts with
With a woman and a man
And believing in salvation
Until our last stand

This world was created
And the Lord knows its a gift
Its a blessing, a treasure
And if you believe, it's a lift
We can spread our wings like angels
And spread our love through our soul
But for the sacrifice of one
Who made some of us whole

So take the message that's so simple
Because its sweet love and its real
There was once a King of Kings
Who taught us to feel
Yes there was once a Manger
And a Star in the sky
Because his truth is everlasting
And he will never say goodbye

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