The further one goes into lies to advance deceptive, self-gaining goals, the deeper the destruction of your heart and mind. It goes so dark the door of conscience is closed. The filtering of right and wrong is removed. The "door slammers" will then do and say anything no matter how wrong, no matter how untrue, and no matter who gets hurt or killed.  This is what some label as "going off the deep end." It's that dark, deep hole with an escort...the prince of this world.

UNDERSTAND HOW EVIL TAKES A SOUL INTO DARKNESS.  Many think those few, little steps of compromising won't matter in the beginning, but the first rope only gets longer and more restricting until life is choked out and the darkness completes its soul takeover.  DECEPTION, LYING, PRIDE, GREED, HATE, REVENGE AND SLANDER ALL LEAD INTO TRAPS THAT SUFFOCATE A SOUL.

It seems profitable in the beginning, especially if all about you are those doing the same and telling you it is ok, and telling you that you won't get caught or exposed, that you are a fool for not "coming in" and getting what you can any way you can.  The tempter even tells you that you deserve it all for all the "work" you do. It's like those "in the water" prodding you to jump right in, telling you the "water is fine."  KNOW WHO THAT IS TALKING TO YOU?  Those are the voices of empty souls who took Satan's same trappings and now have the life choked out of them. You have the tempter's taken souls roaming like a lion to devour your own soul.

You may think some of the most important decisions you make are school, career, marriage, parenting and other life-living choices. They are important life events, but if God is not in the center of your heart and mind, if you do not place Him between you and all your choices, if you do not know Jesus and the Word of God and walk alone, then you are vulnerable bait for the false light of this world who uses his well planned and executed traps to steal your life and soul. If you know the Lord yet have a limited amount of your heart and soul invested in time with Him, you are also vulnerable to attack. If you are not guarding your heart and mind every day, staying in God's Word every day, seeking the Lord in all your ways, your time, your decisions, the grand charmer sees the "holes" in the wall of your soul and will  slither in.

Many serving in our government, our courts, our media, our schools and other organizations have made their own "deals with the devil" thinking they are in charge of themselves and their own works.  Oh, they've taken the poison Satan placed before them, convinced them it is alright and even that they deserve more and more.  Look at them in their fine suits and clothes, and offices, and titles.....all polished up for what?  Their own graves of darkness forever.... EMPTY SOULS, allowing the poison of deception into their hearts and minds in order to gain the dust of worldly pleasures that will never satisfy but only create pain and destruction and loss.

Satan flashes his bright, alluring lights and presents his way as the only road to happiness and joy. Whatever your vulnerability is, wealth, power, pride, that is where he will flash his deceptive lights. You have two choices at that very important moment. You can walk with Satan or walk with God. God will sustain you, but Satan will begin to knock your feet out from under you as you are emptied of the only nourishing stream of love and direction to satisfy and sustain... your Father in heaven. On earth, Satan's storms will be relentless against your soul. You have ONE secure stand to endure them all... your firm grip on your Father God in heaven, your washing by the blood of Jesus Christ, and your filling with the Holy Spirit.  Stand firm, reject the tempter fast and strong, and continue in your walk with God who loves you and never leaves your side....your escort ... your heavenly Father.  Choose Him. Go with Him. Be with Him. Stay with Him. Reject the flashy, cunning hitchhiker who really wants you to throw out your escort and destroy your soul. You tell him, "I'm with Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior" and choose the road to eternity. Be a guardian of your soul and travel the road to Heaven with your heavenly escort in all your days.


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