Polish soccer fans unfurl huge stadium banner in resistance to Islamic invasion

The Poles have been vociferous in their opposition to Islamic migration into their nation. The video at the end of this post demonstrates their passion.

by Thomas Madison

At a soccer game in Poland the other day, an astonishing display of resistance to Islamic totalitarianism and invasion happened involving the largest banner I have ever seen at any sporting event. Maybe anywhere. Free Infidel has been working for days to try and get information for us on the chants in the video but he has brought us this so far (thank you very much GI)

“The report of the “Ultras Silesia” group [die-hard far right fans of Slask Wroclaw]:

see two minute video below

During the match with Lech [Poznan], we presented a large banner with a knight, known from the Crusades, who symbolically rises from the European continent, blocking access to it for 3 boats with immigrants. It’s not a coincidence that the boats are named: “uss Isis, uss bin Laden and uss Hussein”. On the banner is contained the phrase: “when the Islamic disease floods Europe”, to which the second part is contained on a banner below: “let’s defend Christianity”.”

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