IT'S ALL A CHARADE ---- Lights, Camera.....DESTRUCTION

by Jane Redmond

Obama is like the leader of a thug gang, and he knows his words influence his members. He fuels his desired outcomes with his very calculated messages to his "gang." With handed power and a "keep in line army" surrounding him, the gang grows in force and rule.

No, he doesn't like to be challenged, for his elevated position given to him without having the real substance to fill it let in a spoiled, self-absorbed, American-hating creature given the perks of a king in exchange for playing the role he was trained to implement to destroy this great America. After 7 1/2 years in a false, manufactured role, much like winning the Nobel Peace Prize and accomplishing nothing, deep inside this human he knows it is all a charade... that he is a trained and paid actor.

In reality, he is not the substantive character worthy of the office he holds. He knows it, and he feels it, and as time goes on, it hits him in the face every day harder and harder. The "actor" tries to up his role even higher to compensate for his ever growing emptiness of a pretend king doing what his "producers" dictate. Levity without substance is an ugly thing to watch, as well as so many who are fooled by the whole manufactured charade. Obama knows those clapping and adoring followers aren't responding to the "real man" but the phony one playing a role.

Living a "fiction" life rips the soul out of human. Instead of building up character, integrity and morals, it creates monsters who do and say whatever they must to feed the "movie" they play out. This soul becomes spoiled, lavished with "yes men" and all personal lusts. These impostors, in leading a double life, wreak havoc in their souls being tossed between the fiction life and self-idolotry mindset to the reality moments of the false lie they walk in.

They become very well aware of their chained souls when the producers hand them their walking and talking orders day after day reminding them of their chained agenda. Many endure the role nourished by their payoffs, lavish care taking, and prideful appetite from the fooled, adoring, following mass salivating in their false persona.

Obama is presented as the leader when in fact he is a con man actor in a long running scam. It is a lead role, but he is not the "head of the gang." His soul is being ruled over by others, dictated to by the real producers of an real movement to take down this nation and Constitutional Republic. Many players have been positioned and trained and made ready for the call of "lights, camera, action" in this colossal production of deceit and lies including government, media, courts/judges, schools/universities, scientists and all elements that can be pulled together in the gang of destruction.

Those united to scam the people of America destroy more than a Constitutional Republic. Each time they take the stage, they willingly rip out pieces of their own heart and soul giving themselves over to the dark prince of the this earth who seizes their entire being and destroys their own hearts and minds and souls. The real "director" devours while he uses his taken actors, all performing in a false light, spreading its falsehoods in a hypnotic show of traps and webs to a weak, uninformed, self-obsessed, greedy, lazy, entitled, divided, angry and victimhood mentality that it has fed for decades.

It's a huge production, isn't it? Prepared for decades, implemented in small traps for decades, and the script written and ready when their lead actor obtained the role in the White House. Then, curtain up, cast in place, members of the cast added, the fooled in place, the dependents made happy, the courts filled with actors, the media lined with actors, the schools filled with actors. Act 2 implements the division and hate among citizens, the removal of any competition from God, His Way or His Truths, and the removal of freedoms and rights and transfer of power to the government.

Fools can't pull off a scam, but they need the fool to advance their agenda, especially the prideful fool. The enemies of America and God have united for their grand production of destruction. Behind it all, is the grand deceiver and destroyer giving power throughout its tentacles poisoning lives and seeking to destroy all God's children and a nation built "Under God." It's a big stage, a big show, a huge cast, and false lights shining to lure the hearts and minds of those they need to keep the show going. Yes, just give them free popcorn and the seats are filled while their freedoms are dumped in the garbage bin behind the theatre.

Oh what a show, repeated every day, with new acts of murder on a staggering nation, yet the fooled still clap and cheer for the now saltless popcorn, less of it, and now some burnt pieces. Awwww, the "collective good."

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