Another One Succumbs To The Facebook Police

To My Friends....
Hi there if your wondering where I am at Cody Robert Judy ....


I am in FB jail until  until Nov 25. for Speeding FB needs to post the rules of the road somewhere so to speak ..... See ya 11/25

They got me for speeding ( Posting to fast ) that they can't read whats and where its being Posted .I guess ,They never said particularly..

 But it happened on Veterans Day while I was posting this to all the Groups I belong to.
about 180 FB GROUPS however, and have posted this way hundreds of times.

They use to give a WARNING that just said "Slow Down".. But I received no WARNING this time

I'm not sure why posting fast would be considered "Abusive" just because of the speed or rapidity and be totally unrelated to content.

In my Appeal I declared I was an FEC REGISTERED Presidential Candidate and considered the 2 week suspension very possibly politically motivated and definitely arbitrary

Here's a picture of FB Action.. Detailing a first suspension that lasted 24 hours., the latest one lasting 2 weeks.. And an unrelated complaint I made against an Obot quite a while ago.

It's really hit and miss without any clear guidelines or rules for what constitutes "abusive".

They don't tell me or anyone exactly how many Groups you can post to in an hour for instance.

The possibility of arbitrary influence is or seems completely dictatorial and tyrannical if, as I was doing, posting a very benign message to our Veterans, they can completely suspend my access to hundred of thousands of people I'm use to ,and have a record of ,communication with.

I could see this being a very BIG problem happening to a MAINSTREAM POLITICAL CANDIDATE two weeks before an election.

Of course I can still post to my Wall, and my 2016 Wall. It's just people are used to seeing my Post at the Groups we mutually belong to, and are not use to checking my pages out.

It would be like the newspaper quit hitting your door in the morning. .and two weeks go by with no news.

You would know there's a problem but driving down to the News Head Quarters and seeing the paper was not what you were used to.

Unfortunately, it's pretty vital to my Campaign. And cutting the communication off on FB would be as bad as if you froze the bank accounts of all the Mainstream Candidates for two weeks and no one got paid in your Campaign

Facebook Agreements of use may cover them.. But there also is a legal factor considered in "fair use".

What I've been used to is the norm.. Any deviation without a written notice is like raising the rent without the 3 month notice.

That gets into Cruel and Unusual

Cody Robert Judy

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