by Robby Bowling

I think it was Sigmund Freud as well as many other shrinks that said, the people who have the Least amount of continence in their beliefs often lash out, demean, belittle or excoriate those who don't share there own other words NEVER accept the blame for their failures...or over compensate !!!

What does that say about the Thin-Skinned Muslim Communist Sociopath BARRY ??? The Pathetic Pathogen that is BEING used to put the Last Nail in AMERICA'S Coffin...

What does that say about a Culture once prosperous that not only ALLOWED this Worthless Satanic Flatulence to spew his Rancid Stench all over the land, but the FACT we have caved or given in to the FEAR & now APPARENTLY accept our own DEMISE or DEATH....

And whether or not we liked it, through The High & Mighty PEN & Hateful Rhetoric we now have Socialized Medicine, Homosexual Marriage & Homosexuals in the Military, We have Transgenders in PRISON who get "de-balled" on our dollar.....we get to pay for all the Weapons that the Muslim Radicals will use to destroy us with...They are Passing laws that will forbid us from Talking negatively about Islam....Laws that will forbid us from talking about our OWN Christian beliefs....They are raising TAXES to Pay for the Mythical Global Warming, SOLAR-POWER....They are Raising TAXES to pay for More Food Stamps for PARASITES....They are Cutting Benefits to Veterans....they are cutting benefits for those on Social Security...To PAY for the MILLIONS of Illegal immigrants coming into this country & to pay for all the MUSLIM Refugees , Her HIGHNESS, HIGH-HORSE BARRY is bringing here..

If I didn't know better I'd SWEAR I was in the 1950's RUSSIA or CHINA....

PRIDE GOETH BEFORE A FALL....seems apt....

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