by Robby Bowling

Let us first look at the word LEADERSHIP. According to the Webster's New World Dictionary:

Leadership n. - authority; control; effective administration; skill; foresight
Now let us reflect back to last Sunday when the world's most articulate and intelligent human, Barack Hussein Obama, was a guest on Sixty Minutes. The CBS interviewer, Steve Kroft, made the statement that Russian President Vladimir Putin was "Challenging Obama's LEADERSHIP.

Obama, obviously upset with this statement, in his reply made this statement: MY DEFINITION OF LEADERSHIP WOULD BE LEADING ON CLIMATE CHANGE, AN INTERNATIONAL ACCORD THAT POTENTIALLY WE'LL GET IN PARIS. MY DEFINITION OF LEADERSHIP IS MOBILIZING THE ENTIRE WORLD COMMUNITY TO MAKE SURE THAT IRAN DOESN'T GET A NUCLEAR WEAPON. One at this point must wonder just exactly what level of stupidity and in what low esteem Barack Hussein Obama must hold the American people.

Every military and foreign policy expert, other than those who are stooges of Barack Obama, absolutely believe that the inept LEADERSHIP shown by Barack Obama and John Kerry and his negotiating team, have done nothing but INSURE that Iran will have a nuclear weapon sooner than expected.

When I was watching video coverage of the "Iran Nuclear Deal" talks it appeared as if we had sent some reasonably incompetent people to represent us in these negotiations. As I was watching the video coverage, the thought crossed my mind that Iran had Don Corleone representing them while we had Richard Simmons representing the United States.

If you will just look very closely, I believe you will come to the conclusion that neither Vladimir Putin; nor Xi Jinping; nor Ayatollah Ali Khamenei; nor the idiot from N. Korea, Kim, Jung Un have any respect for or fear of President Barack Hussein Obama nor of any of his appointed representatives.

Having Barack Obama lecture us on LEADERSHIP can be compared to some pee-wee league football coach giving advice to Patriots Coach Bill Belichick.

And I must at this point say that I do not have any regard for the LEADERSHIP in the U.S. House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate. BUT let's don't stop there, let us continue on and include the Joint Chiefs and the Republican National Committee. I don't even remember the clown's name who is the head of the RNC because it really doesn't make any difference since Karl Rove appears to still be calling the shots for the Establishment Republicans.

Let's face it. LEADERSHIP insofar as the political spectrum is concerned is completely missing. And please tell me what kind of so called LEADER would insert himself into a community which did not want him to show up. I am, of course, speaking of the mass shootings in Roseburg, Oregon where multiple deaths occurred. The people of that community were not interested in a visit from the world's most articulate and intelligent human and made it pretty clear that they would rather the President not come to their community. BUT, the LEADER of the FREE WORLD had gun control on his agenda and he was not about to let anything stand in the way of furthering his search for disarming America.

If Americans had been in possession of the kind of LEADERSHIP to which we are now subjected, our country could not have even existed. America could not have won:

The War of Independence (Revolutionary War)

The War of 1812

The Mexican War

The Civil War

The Spanish American War

World War I

World War II

Nor any other military conflict in which our country was involved...

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