by Robby Bowling
What does it say about the MUSLIM QUEEN that's taking AMERICA to ruin, that while he WiLL not STAND-UP to to ISIS, Radical Muslims, CHINA , NORTH KOREA & Now (AGAIN) RUSSIA & PUTIN....The Faggot faced PIECE OF SHIT...will Force Islam on this country, He will force MUSLIM Immigrants on us,he will force Illegal Immigrants on us from Mexico, he will TOTALLY Destroy our economy with the all of his/her Social Handout Programs for them like he has done already with Food Stamps & Medical for those to DAMN Lazy to work..And then we have his affinity for the Homosexual , Transsexual Community .And he go to WAR with any American who stands up to him....

This SON OF A REAL LIFE BITCH is a Delusional Sociopath & we sit & allow him & the FAKE, FAUX or PHONY RIGGED MEDIA to do this & Sell it via PROPAGANDA & FEAR.... ....How Stupid are we....Does anyone remember CUSTER'S LAST STAND? This is not a Marriage vow..."Till Death Do Us Part" I want a Compleat & Total D-I-V-O-R-C-E from this Princess of Darkness led Communist Police State Dictatorship....

Existing is not Living....all this Government wants & is , is a FEW GOOD PARASITES.....And Damn they BREED like MAGGOTS...


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