Democratic Party is ???

Democratic Party is Treasonous To 
The Republic of United States of 
America !
The American people should know by now, the Democratic Party is only interested in supporting foreigners invading this country, today's vote on funding sanctuary cities, Should show every American citizen that the Democratic Party does not care about America or you, they would rather support and fund people coming here to murder you and your family.

It would be hard to believe that any American citizen with a IQ would ever vote for a Democrat ever again in the United States of America, when this party supports foreign murderers, over its own citizens, they need to be removed from office, physically and be charged with treason against the United States of America and its citizens !!!

The governors of the states who do not support sanctuary cities should mobilize the National Guard, send them to Washington DC and take these traders into custody for trial for treason, for attempting a coup against the citizens of the United States of America !!! You believe these words to be true please share it with as many people as you can, If you like it share it ! thank you.

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Bill Sharpe

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