by Robby Bowling

It seems to me all cultures want to live in the past...I think AMERICANS are certainly in that class...But isn't it curious that we parce the words, the meanings, the definitions to manipulate (very conveniently) the TRUE Facts....Another way of looking at it is WHO is doings it & WHY...I think this old Quote from Voltaire sums it up,"It is difficult to free souls from the chains they revere." And then consider this one, "we are what we believe in," C.S. Lewis, what does that say about today's AMERICA & this thought-less, brain-dead Stupid , Dumbed-Down Culture?

Today all we have is Revisionist History, little fact and a whole lot of conjecture....In other words Propaganda & Lies.....And then let me add a personal favorite, "Get Your Facts First Then You Can Distort Them As You Please" Mark Twain....The Parasites, The Over-Lords That Control us feed us dis-information with every breath we take....If you listened to the Liars of the Left , as well as most of the Deceivers on the Right...You'd have to wonder why GOD hasn't turned his Wrath on this Country & Destroyed us...And yes I know many of you will say that is EXACTLY what is going on here with the Communist Anti-Christians in this FAUX Country....

And Then we have the Multitudes who live apparently in a Vacuum....They live in a total state of "Denial"....They remember the Stories about World War I & World War II, Hitler, Mussolini, Pearl Harbor, Patton, MacArthur & JFK....The False premise is thus; Our Government Wouldn't Do That To Us.....BS...they've been spoon feeding us LIES & PROPAGANDA for decades...

The Communist left sells SHAME about Every Transgression or Mistake this Former Republic ever made....And the STUPID Eat it up.....And lets be honest here this WELFARE STATE they have built will keep this Ever-Present EVIL in POWER FOREVER....UNLESS we Stop it....BUT IMO this country is full of COWARDS.....And we will likely NEVER Recover from the last IDIOT ELECTED.....

I will leave you with some empowering thoughts from long ago....there were many smart men that came before us....We didn't listen, we didn't see & we didn't learn....That is the Great Tragedy ...What would Shakespeare write about us...."America, Much Ado About A Promise"....

"If we live truly, we shall see truly." Ralph Waldo Emerson
"What lies behind us and what lies between us are tiny matters as to what lies inside us....Emerson
"Go Confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you have imagined , As you simplify your life, The Laws Of The Universe Will Be Simpler"...Emerson

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