To whom it may concern :

To whom it may concern, are you tired of war yet ? 

Do you realize why we have war, is because of a small group of people who want to control the population and technologies in the entire word !

It is about a group of people who are possessed by a brain parasite or a virus, that makes them want to be in control of other people's lives.

What people do not realize is, that there's a time bomb on this planet, and this time bomb is designed to keep those with the parasite of war and of evil from escaping from Earth !

I guess this sound like a science fiction novel, but this is what the war between good and evil is all about.

Before cancer destroys a cell in the human body, or any life form, before the cell is completely overrun with cancer, there is a small number of the strongest anybody's fighting the cancer , in a healthy life form before the cancer can devour that cell those strongest parts of that cell that is falling to cancer, must escape and make it to the next cell in line to edify them, on how to survive the attack from cancer which is coming, this is how you defeat cancer.

This is how your body defends itself from all types of viruses and infections.
People in the human race believe that somehow we are greater then all other life forms, when the reality is we are no greater than any microscopic organism that is alive, and the life-and-death struggles of anything that is alive is very similar.

Bill Sharpe


Hi friends,: I was watching the history Channel the other night and they were talking about a stealth fighter that was shot down in the Serbian war, and they were saying that Bill Clinton sent the United States military in Serbia, to protect the ethnic cleansing of Serbian Muslims, ??? Very interesting comment by the history Channel, Bill Clinton supporting Muslims ???, Do you think this predicts the Democrats positional on Muslims ???

Bill Sharpe

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