The World Fundamentally Transformed: Part Two

America is at risk, and time is running out. Under the current administration, enemy infiltration has reached an all time high and our very sovereignty is threatened. We all have heard of the growing Islamic influence upon the upper levels of government, the establishment of many Islamic organizations throughout the nation, and the apparent ignorance, collusion, or downright dhimmitude exhibited by our political and religious leaders.

Far too many goodhearted and well meaning people seek to welcome Muslims with open arms and brotherly love. The Western mind is simply unable to comprehend the intolerance and true intent of the Islamist agenda--conquest to create a world wide Caliphate.

In Europe, Stealth Jihad has successfully created Muslim only communities which for all practical purposes are operating under operating under Sharia law. There are also such pockets here in America, but as of yet, they are neither big enough nor numerous enough to spark the public outrage and demonstrations/riots that are occurring in Europe.

Political Correctness has reached lunatic highs on caving into Muslim demands regarding concessions to their faith. Muslims create endless friction by challenging workplace dress codes, beard length, refusal to handle pork, installation of foot baths, etc by those who refuse to assimilate, follow the law, or adhere to workplace requirements.

Such behavior is all part of "soft jihad" which can be compared to death by a thousand cuts administered slowly over time.

A Concise Description here Regarding Each Of The Five Stages Of Jihad
Stage 1. Establish a Beachhead
Stage 2. Establish Outposts
Stage 3. Establish Sectional Control of Major Cities.
Stage 4. Establish Regional Control
Stage 5. Total Control, Brutal Suppression, and Dhimmitude

Western Europe appears to be in Stage 4, and America in Stage 3.
There is violence against non-Muslims in both the U.S. and EU, but it is not total because Islam does not have complete control of any one European nation, but that is not too far in the future if things do not change. 

Many believe that Islam and Marxism are merely tools being utilized by the Globalist to subdue nations so as to weaken them for world domination. 

Marxism and Islamism cannot exist side by side.  One or the other, perhaps both, will be eliminated once they have achieved their purpose of complete world  subjugation. Initially, the elitist will appear to be liberators of a kinder, gentler nature; however, they will be anything but.  Nonetheless, that is a subject for a future write-up.

Excerpts from the following articles are but a few examples of the depth to which the Islamists have succeeded in their part of this nefarious scheme.

Islamist Organizations in America
Islamic extremists have developed a sophisticated network of interconnected organizations across America. The following are profiles of these organizations and the people behind them. The common thread among these organizations is their ideology of Political Islam which aspires to implement sharia governance and to establish a global Islamic caliphate.

Search by state or scroll through to find your state. We are constantly updating this directory. To contact us, please email: For more details, go here

“Curt Schilling’s tweet comparing Muslims to Nazis is even worse than it sounds,” howled Max Fisher in Vox – one of the many voices this week screaming for Schilling’s head for transgressing against America’s new and unwritten, but nonetheless frightfully draconian, speech codes.
Fisher professes ignorance of the perp’s illustrious career, semaphoring that he is a good Leftist elitist, ignorant of Schilling’s brutish, bourgeois athletic achievements: “Curt Schilling, whom Wikipedia informs me is a former baseball star and current ESPN commentator, sent a tweet on Tuesday that seems to have emerged straight from the internet nether-void of racist email forwards.”
“Racist”? Schilling tweeted a graphic that read, “It’s said only 5-10% of Muslims are extremists. In 1940, only 7% of Germans were Nazis. How’d that go?” So where is the “racism”? What race are “extremist Muslims”? What race are Muslims in the aggregate? What race is Islam? Or did Fisher mean that Schilling’s tweet was racist against Germans?  The full article here
This is like spending Victory in Europe Day dressing up in Nazi uniforms or Pearl Harbor Day playing kamikaze. But it's business as usual for the Democratic Party, which does treason like it's going out of style.First up is a very special 9/11 party with ISNA over in Lansing as the Islamic Society of Greater Lansing throws its 9th Annual Mayor’s Ramadan Unity Dinner hosted by two Dems, Mayor Virg Bernero and Nathan Triplett, as Creeping Sharia reports.
Come for the 9/11 ambiance, stay for the party at an Islamic center affiliated with ISNA. As a bonus, you can meet its imam, Sohail Chaudhry, who became infamous for his run-in with Asra Nomani. She claimed that his former mosque had extremist elements.
ISNA was set up by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the same organization that spawned Al Qaeda. It has extensive ties to terrorism. It's the last place any patriotic American should be on 9/11.
Meanwhile over in Washington, the anniversary of the murder of thousands of Americans by Muslim terrorists means it's time for some quality CAIR time.  more

Across Europe, thousands of churches have closed and many of them have become mosques. The St. Mark’s Cathedral in London survived Nazi bombers in WW2, but fell to a new invasion and became the New Peckham Mosque. In France, where there are now more Muslims than practicing Catholics, the Islamic colonists demanded that thousands of empty churches be turned into mosques. The Capernaum Church in Germany has become the Al-Nour Islamic Center. In Amsterdam, the St. Ignatius Church was transformed into the Fatih Camii Mosque. Its name means ‘The Conqueror’s Mosque’.
The original Fatih Camii Mosque had been built by the Turkish invaders in Constantinople on the site of the Church of the Holy Apostles. Like their ISIS descendants, the Turks drove out the Greek Christians, destroyed the church and replaced it with a mosque named after the monster Mehmed II, who inaugurated Islamic rule over the fallen city with slavery, rape and beheadings in the ISIS style.
Today ‘Conqueror’s Mosques’ have sprung up not only in Istanbul and Amsterdam, but in Paris, Toronto, Melbourne and Brooklyn, where within sight of the Statue of Liberty extending her torch of freedom to the oppressed of the world, stands the grim squalid outpost of the oppressor of the world.
Mehmed and the Statue of Liberty, the armies of Islam and our way of freedom cannot long coexist. more
Now, in the name of political correctness, one of our states wants to do away with this protection by allowing religious garments in drivers license photos.
While most religious gear would still leave the ability to identify the subject at some level, the most concealing of Muslim religious garb for females — the burqa — would leave the entire head and face covered.The state of Illinois is about to start sending fliers to offices that issue drivers licenses and photo IDs to remind employees and the public that people are not required to remove religious garments that cover their heads for photos. The flier tells us:
The Secretary of State’s office recognizes and respects the increasing diversity of religions practiced by Illinois residents. Members of many religions, such as Islam and Sikhism, wear religious head coverings, also known as articles of faith.
While hats or head coverings are generally prohibited from being worn in photographs used on Illinois driver’s licenses and identification cards, customers may be photographed while wearing established religious head coverings. Photographs increase public safety. Examples of acceptable religious head coverings can be found in this flier. 
more here
Fighting Islamic indoctrination in the public schools:
America’s public school systems are systematically indoctrinating students into Islam by teaching its religious principles and rituals and using teaching materials offering a distorted view of what Islam really is.
Your children and grandchildren are being taught that Muhammad was Allah’s messenger, that Islam is a religion of peace, respect for the Five Pillars of Islam and more. We are witnessing a “bloodless revolution” calculated to turn our children off of Christianity and Judaism and turn them on to Islam. more
In the Maury County School District, students were assigned a Five Pillars of Islam project that included the translation of the pillar of “Shahada” as being, “There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is his prophet.”....
Parents objected and school administrators gave half baked reassurances as to why only Islam was being studied, but Judaism and Christianity were being ignored. 
“It is our job as a public school system to educate our students on world history in order to be ready to compete in a global society, not to endorse one religion over another or indoctrinate,” Marczak said.
Porterfield, however, finds Marczak’s assurances unconvincing.
“They are not going over anything else. So for the students to have to memorize this prayer, it does seem like it is indoctrination,” she said.
A meeting between parents and school teachers and administrators has been scheduled for Sept. 17 to allow Porterfield and other concerned Springhill parents to voice their concerns about the state’s history curriculum.
This is an outrage and is nothing more than mental and spiritual rape of these impressionable children. The Shahada is the Islamic prayer to conversion. Period!  The entire article here

Is this evidence of a stealth jihad in public schools?/
Students in a world history class at Union Grove High School in Wisconsin were given an interesting writing assignment. They were told to pretend they were Muslims and write about examples of how they would practice the Islamic faith and the struggles they face.
Maybe that might be understandable if this were a comparative religion class and students were also asked to imagine being Jewish or Christian or Hindu.
But they weren’t.Writing for Fox News, Todd Starnes, reporter and author of God Less America, writes that “Islamic advocates are waging what they call a stealth jihad in our school system. And if left unchecked, they will be successful in undermining the Judeo Christian values upon which our great country was founded. ”
Why did the school focus on Islam? And why did the instructions insinuate to students that if you’re Muslim you automatically have “struggles” in your life? Doesn’t everyone?
for more, go here
Book Review: Inside Jihad: How Radical Islam Works; Why It Should Terrify Us; How to Defeat It

Here’s my four-sentence review of Dr. Tawfik Hamid’s new book Inside Jihad: How Radical Islam Works; Why It Should Terrify Us; How to Defeat It. Buy this book. Read this book. Refer to this book. Share this book.
I’ve read and reviewed counter-jihad classics by bestselling experts including Robert Spencer, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Bernard Lewis, Andrew Bostom, Wafa Sultan, Brigitte Gabriel, Mosab Hassan Yousef, and Phyllis Chesler. I think highly of each. This is how goodInside Jihad is. If someone said to me, “I want to read just one book about jihad.” I’d give that reader Dr. Hamid’s book.
Inside Jihad is brief. Hamid’s style is direct and fast-paced. He says what he needs to say without sensationalism, emotionality, literary ambition, or apologies. He pulls no punches. To read the entire review, go here and scroll down the page. 
We need to be afraid, very afraid that within a generation, our basic freedoms will become dissipated to the point of non-existence. Our children and grandchildren are being indoctrinated and are growing up with a very distorted view of what Islam is all about as well as of the history of the world, and most of all, the history of their own nation--America

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