by Danny Jeffrey
Today I am turning seventy one years of age. To any well wishers, please refrain from offering birthday wishes. At my age birthdays are a source of dread, not celebration. The only reason that I have even mentioned my age in the first place is that I feel so blessed to have lived through the most beautiful years in the history of the world. While I was being born brave Americans were fighting and dying to liberate the oppressed on the far side of two great oceans. At war's end we proceeded to rebuild nations destroyed by the oppressors and indeed rebuilt their nations as well. Never in the history of the world has there been anything to equal what this nation and its people once were.

Sadly I have lived for far too long, for I have lived to see this great nation die and its people reveal themselves for what they have become. America died on November 7, 2012 and our people did not even acknowledge her passing.

That was the day when ten million armed citizens should have marched on Washington, but did not. That was the day we all knew that an election had been stolen. That was the day when our grandchildren lost their future and were sold into slavery. That was the day when bold Americans got on the internet with their proof that millions had arisen from their graves on the day before to vote for Obama.

They also told all who would read that some counties across this nation had reported Obama votes that exceeded 130 percent of their total populations and not a single vote for Mitt Romney. They shared the results from True The Vote that so many voting machines were flipping the vote right in front of those who were voting Republican.

Now that was the height of arrogance and confidence on the part of the administration. That vote could have been changed inside the machine. It did not have to show the voter that he was getting shafted. They chose to employ this in your face assault as they knew that Americans would whimper and whine and do no more. Perhaps that statement is a bit harsh as in truth Americans did do more. It was on the day that America died that those bold Americans began looking forward to the 2014 election when we would Vote em Out, just like they are doing today as they look forward wistfully to 2016.

After every election things grow worse and our people begin looking toward the next election. You know what they say about insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

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