Examining Our Self-Made Priorities

by Jane Redmond

I sure hope people will begin examining how they use their time today. Be selective in what you watch and who you listen to. In your leisure time, are you making choices that help you grow? Yes, we need leisurely pursuits and entertainments, but is that all you choose? What are you doing to feed your mind with growth? Are you taking any time just in silence to think for yourself or do you let other voices tell you what is now right or wrong? More importantly, are you listening to God through His Word or in prayer? Look at your days. Are you spending your leisurely moments in empty pursuits that give your soul no nourishment? Games? Mindless TV shows? Gossiping?

Your enemy the devil wants you NUMB, wants you empty, wants you doing anything but communing with your Savior and growing in faith, hope and love.... and closer to the Lord.

And beware of going to the other extreme. Some spend so much time prioritizing "getting closer to God" in a good way, yet neglect their families' needs. We must attain BALANCE and a heart that pursues God yet APPLIES His Word in our works, words, families and friend's needs. And remember. Others will determine your genuineness in Christ more by how you treat others, especially your family members, than how many hours you spend with your face in the Bible, reading books by Christian authors, or your place in a pew on Sunday.

What good is the knowledge of His Word if your life if VOID of his commands in your daily walk and talk? We must be wise in the Lord in living the love He commands with all those God brings to us. Yes, read His Word and spend alone time in prayer, but continue your glorification of the Lord in how you then go out once the Bible is closed and the "Amen" has been said.

Look at your choices with your leisure time. Is there balance? Are your choices in line with honoring God? Reject those things that do not contribute to your growth and maturity as a child of God. Embrace the full armor of God in your daily walk. In all your ways, serve the Lord. By serving others, you honor God. Grow in your unique gifts given to you by your heavenly Father to serve him by serving others he brings into your life.... your family, your friends, and others who come your way. Do not neglect them by choosing empty pursuits or ignoring those people God places in your life to serve.

Make some time to do a self-exam on your leisure time and in those times of your comings and goings. What have you made priorities in your choices? Is it time to shuffle for some balance? Stand on the Rock of Ages but stretch out your arms balancing your choices in line with God's will for your daily walk.

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