Calling out the phony evangelicals who want to save Muslims before Christians

Posted by Ann Corcoran 

Jim Wallis the flim-flam man is promoting a national day of prayer (for the MOSTLY Muslim refugees) in conjunction with the Pope’s visit to the US next week.

There are people who are standing up to the powerful Left Wing (aka Progressive) activists who have been working for decades to burrow their way into American churches. One such person is Kelly Monroe Kuhlberg, founder of the Veritas Forum and author of Finding God at Harvard. (Kuhlberg also is a colleague and friend of this author.)

Jim Wallis, the far-left founder of Sojourner Magazine and beneficiary of George Soros donations who has built a career out of subverting constitutional liberty in America by quoting the Bible out of context, is at it again. From The Stream (quoting Breitbart):

In his latest effort in transparent left-wing propaganda, Wallis extends his love for open borders from the huge populations of Middle East and Africa to the United States to all of Europe.

But several evangelical leaders are calling Wallis out for his distortions of the Bible that promote a left-wing “pseudo-Christian” theocracy.

“It is curious to me that these refugees are almost entirely Islamic even though Christians are the ones in most mortal danger by Islamists,” Kelly Monroe Kullberg, founder of the Veritas Forum and author of Finding God at Harvard, tells Breitbart News. “The ‘refugees’ are not mostly sweet children, but adult Muslim males who are unscreened,” she said, adding Islamizing America [and Europe] is cultural injustice and suicide, not stewardship, beauty and progress.”

The full article can be found at Breitbart. Continue reading here. It is jam-packed with information about the Progressive network Wallis helps lead.

Don’t forget, the Pope will also be carrying the Progressive’s message when he arrives in the US next week. Make sure your Catholic friends know that so far he has made no distinction between the persecuted Christians arriving in Europe and the Muslim hordes.

Not to get too deep in the weeds, but long ago the Cultural Marxists knew that if their progressive agenda was to succeed in Christian America they would need to destroy the church and family first. For now, the best way that I can see to smoke them out is to ask every ‘religious’ Jew or Christian, who promotes the resettlement of massive numbers of migrants to Europe or the US, if they are saving the Christians first and how many have they saved so far. I could be wrong, but I expect the progressives will not want to be forced into a public declaration about rescuing Christians before Muslims.

Source: Refugee Resettlement Watch

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