by Robby Bowling

I know many of you have felt the PAIN of loss...The Heartache & heartbreak that consumes your every overwhelming and devastating....We all form our attachments & bonds with our Friends, our Family & our loving Pets....However we reconcile or rationalize that passing, with the heartfelt & sincere thought that....They are in a Better Place Now, they no longer feel any pain & they are now in Gods Hands & in Heaven.

But what do you tell yourself or rationalize when the DEATH is that of the Heart,the Soul, the Spirit or the Essence of what we WERE, what we ARE & what our Hopes, Dream & Prayers were.

Without Conviction, without Direction and without a VISION what are we? Without need there would be no desire, without the desire to be better, to learn, to provide, to become a craftsman, to be a better brother,sister, mother, father & Friend to all....What is the Purpose....Without a purpose, what is the use or what is life then & what has it become?

It takes Courage to really LIVE.....We didn't build a country, a society , a culture & a world good, bad or indifferent without it.....That type of Spirit was in our Forefathers, it was also in Columbus, Magellan, the Pioneers & the Great Native Tribes .

I ask you this QUESTION: When you look at the LEADERS in this WORLD....Much less this COUNTRY do you See that Courage, that Conviction & those omnipresent Principles that is needed in this COUNTRY..... to survive ?

There was once a book called. "the Last Of The Mohicans".....will the next installment or sequel be, "THE LAST OF THE AMERICANS" ....RIP died of a Broken heart .

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