Joe Esposito


"Poor, Poor Jeb. A Pitiful Sight To Behold!"

The more he opens his mouth a feeling of regurgitation comes over me
You can't help but cringe at the things he says. It is painful to see
It looks as if he is being forced to run but he lacks any passion

The thought of him being President puts us all in a state of depression

His father is a decent man. Didn't Ronald Reagan choose him as his VP?
Bush made it as Prez as did W. Let's stop at two and not make it three
Jeb can be slightly confused. He says his presidential model will be LBJ
Jeb, he was a Liberal democrat. And they make fun of what they hear Trump say?

But the Establishment loves this Bush. No matter that he is a damn fool
To them he is the most darling of all the RINOS. In their hands he's a useful tool
With madness they are so consumed. The GOP is surely coffin bound
A bigger bunch of asses you will never find. They'll soon be underground

The party of Reagan once reigned high. Fiscally responsible were they
But then the scourge of RINOism got hold. What more can one say??
Testosterone at one time they had plenty. Of BALLS they have no more
The GOP has become Democrat-lite. It is something that we so deplore

If Jeb becomes the standard bearer they'll be no joy in right wing land
He is the epitomy of what is so wrong. That you have to fully understand
He has an affinity for these illegal immigrants. He calls it an act of love.
His candidacy must end. The thought of him as President must be disposed of

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