Moral Relativism Is Anarchy In A Mask

by Richard Miller
If morality is merely subjective to the mood of the moment then this is anarchy at its finest hour. Soon to show us its true face at the top of the next one.

A society – any society – is composed and built on a few universal ideas and a basic premise. A society is a community of order. In order to maintain order in said community there must be rules and they must be recognized by the community at large. Otherwise, there is no community and what you’re left with is a state-by-state, neighborhood-by-neighborhood brawl of whose ideas are more superior at any given moment.

For as long as man has recorded their own history they have assigned designations to the various social orders that have come and gone throughout the ages. They have ranged from a kingdom, an empire, an oligarchy, a monarchy, a theocracy, to the more modern terms of dictatorships, regimes and up until more recently a republic.

Some time ago, oh I forget when, some old white fellows came together, collaborated and mused over the prospect of ending the monarchy and state-by-state brawl for absolute power once and for all. These old geezers were not just ahead of their time, they transcended the ages because what they came up with was not a new idea for government, it was a new idea for people to spare them from the government. They embraced the notion that there are objective, universal and absolute truths that no man – religious, atheist or whatever it – can deny. They upheld this wacky idea that by simply existing, man had the inherent right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. There was an idea that laws were put in place to keep the government in shackles to work for the people, and not the people in shackles working for the government.

But alas, that was some time ago. 229 years ago to be exact, but who’s keeping track of some dusty, treasonous piece of parchment anyway? Certainly not our university system and their speech police brigades.
Trigger warning: logic.

Or is it “content warning” now? They’re so offended at the prospect of being offended they can’t decide on what’s offensive.

Warning! Logic.

If you believe that morality is subjective then you are an anarchist. Period. Maybe you need to step away from the computer screen and allow yourself the requisite time to arrive at this conclusion as I have. We cannot live in a civil society where everybody has their own idea of what right and wrong is. There has to be, and there used to be, a hold on absolute truths to keep a society from Balkanizing and turning from the United States into the Factions of States. There has to be an underlying agreement to which we all believe. Yes, we can debate and get into the weeds about healthcare and tax codes, but there has to be a blanket of morality for us to be united otherwise you get… well you get what’s going on right now, the obliteration of the Republic. Here are some basic, yet absolute truths that make America, America.

I have the right to speak truth to power. I have the right to worship how I want, wherever I want. The Press are free and unbound. I can gather and protest and petition the government.

I have the right to defend myself – with a gun if necessary.
My home will not be used for military purposes.
The government – in any capacity – cannot search or seize any of my property without a warrant with specific information of suspicion.

And on and on and on and on…
The foundation on which this nation sits – a Judeo Christian foundation – has been intentionally eroded for the last 100 years. These are the most basic and obvious truths of being a human being on planet Earth. I have the right to say what I’m thinking – to whomever I want to say it to. I can defend myself from harm and on and on.

Then there are the ideas of our Judeo Christian society that have been in decay for the last 50 plus years. Since the time those grungy hippies could vote until they were old enough (and credentialed enough) to hold high public office, our culture has been under attack and regular Americans have been asleep.

Marriage as it has always been understood has been abused and assaulted for decades. The policies of liberal America have left the black community without fathers – because two parents no longer have any meaning if the government is there to provide – and it is now sweeping across white and Latin America as well.

Sex has been advertised and sold as a sport and a past time. It’s something you do because you’re bored, aroused or both. We all swallowed the pill that says sex is for recreational use and has nothing to do with creating a life. The creation of life is the unintended consequence of an otherwise good time. And because sex has become an activity for purely recreational purposes, the act of creating life has been dumbed down and degraded into something for the Jesus-freaks. We’ve been taught to think of ourselves and never for the children. Sex is for the fun of it and not for the child you just created.

And that child? That child will hold you back from your life ambition of becoming the next big thing on billboards across the USA. That child will keep you from becoming the person you were always meant to become. That child was the unintended result of your outrageously awesome Friday night at the frat house, or whatever house or part of town you were at. And because of the child’s somehow unforeseen (sarcasm) creation it is now a piece of property subject to your next choice (love wins even though you can still abort your child).

Some of our most basic truths have eroded and disappeared in the last calendar month. The idea that a man is a man and a woman is a woman was taken out back and shot by the speech and emotion police and if you dare disagree you get a “trigger warning: judgmental bigot” assigned to your statement.

You don’t even have to be black to be black anymore. I remember growing up and making fun of all the white kids pretending to be the stereotypical wannabe-gangster black kid. I remember when blackface was offensive. I remember it because it was only a month ago. But now, as long as you are advancing the Marxist agenda of the left, it’s okay to walk around with Jerry Curls and paint your skin a different color.

With the newest SCOTUS “ruling” (legislative hijacking by the judicial branch) of reinventing the 14th Amendment, America has just had the floodgates of anything goes opened upon them. If we were a nation of truth and laws – as was intended – the idea of same-sex marriage – at least federally recognized – would have been pushed through the amendment process, not some SCOTUS hijacking. Now what happens to the family? Is it still mom and dad, or is it parent 1 and parent 2? Are religious institutions safe from the fallout? Because they were under attack before the fallout. The objective safeguard has been removed and now it is up to theopinion of any man or woman who happens to hold high office, because men and women in high office used their opinion to obliterate the objective safeguard. Now that the opinion of five lawyers is federal law, the religious opinion and beliefs of millions is now in violation of federal law, which is in direct contrast to the other federal law known as the 1st Amendment. So we will be further subjected to the opinion of the few, rather than ruled by the objective truth of the many – or all.

For a society to survive it has to stand on the foundation on which it was placed. If you remove yourself from that foundation, you seize to be that nation. If you remove the truths on which you have always stood then you have to invent new truths to continue standing. But what truths are we willing to remove? We have removed moms as mothers. We have excused dads from being fathers. Let the government be your brother’s keeper. We are no longer men and women but an androgynous composite of some homogenous organism with no race, creed or code on which to conduct ourselves.

I remember the America where dad was father and mom was mother. Where I was free to say what I believe to whomever I wanted to say it to – without fear of retribution. Where I had the right to defend myself with a gun if necessary. Where the government was my servant and not the other way around. I remember when parents were parents and not the schools and the state. I remember when marriage meant something. I remember when secularist nations went by names like the Soviet Union, China and Cuba – not the United States of America.

An America that says you are free to say what you want to say but you better shut-up because I disagree with you is a dangerous America. An America that says we need to elect a new government to save us from the government is a confused America. An America that says the government should operate based on how we’re feeling today is an America under the thumb of anarchy, and anarchy is merely the last step to totalitarianism.

Make no mistake about it. There is a small group of people with an objective set of rules and they have no problem with forcing you to abide by them. They are sitting in the wings, licking their lips and drooling over America’s lack of moral and objective values. The more we subject ourselves to subjective reason, the further we remove ourselves from objective freedom, the more we remove ourselves from objective freedom, the closer we are to a subjective government, a government for man, and not men.

If you believe that morality is subjective, then congratulations, you are the useful idiot that Joseph Stalin use to mock. You are the pawn, the tool on the next tyrant’s path to power. If you believe in subjective morality, you are an anarchist and are unfit to be anybody’s guardian.

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