McConnell and His RINO'S

McConnell and RINO Senators betrayal of the country.


by Conrad Dost

The fact is that when you read the constitution it's clear that the Senate's power of consent is completely independent of the President. It doesn't matter what he calls his "agreements" or even if he refuses to submit them to the Senate for ratification. All the Senate has to do is declare that an agreement is a treaty requiring a vote on ratification and then vote.

This is totally within the power of Mitch McConnell and would kill the Help Iran build ICBMs Tipped with Nuclear Weapons treaty. He has no excuse for his failure to do this. He is betraying is duty to the Senate and the country with his quisling behavior. We need to call him out and demand he explain why he is helping Tyrant Obama the Liar betray our country.

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