Do you wake up in the morning, turn on the radio or television and WONDER what land you woke up in? I mean you can forget the UTOPIA Crap, this is not even a facsimile of the Land I Grew up in… We are seemingly bombarded every hour, every minute & every second with Negative Messaging….It bewilders me how these self-righteous, hypocritical Parasites some call LIBERALS (Communists) even have the audacity to tell us what is Wrong with America, without ever once mentioning what was Right…..And God Forbid their Solutions….Their CURE for what Ails AMERICA smells of death….

Once upon a time we were children with a Dream, we said our Prayers at night, we went to church we had a Mother & a Father, we went to school, we studied, we learned, we worked, we achieved and we loved….And EVEN THOUGH I grew up in Rural Texas, white skinned & blue eyed….WE DID NOT HATE…..We were not Perfect, but again we didn’t hate anyone  ….

The setting I grew up in was After WWII….We had fought Germany, the Japanese & the Italians….we didn’t hate them either….to me PEOPLE we just PEOPLE…regardless of Nationality, Race, Language, Religion or Skin color….My Parents TAUGHT me to RESPECT People, they did not TEACH HATE ….All this CRAP about out past is not only B.S. it’s all about SHAMING you into Complying with This COMMUNIST AGENDA…..

There is a fitting Cliché, if you remember, “the Family that plays together stays together “ …there is another that applies with that one, “the tie that binds”…

Now I ask you to explore those thoughts for a second….What has our now Communist Not so Utopian   Government done to advance that SIMPLE … Philosophy…..ANSWER: Not one THING….You can make an Argument they have done EVERYTHING they can to Divide us, to Enslave us to Debt, to Enslave us to the Government….They Played Races &Religions against each other, they played the Class Warfare Game….and in the PROCESS they have STOLEN every dream, prayer, aspiration, goal & love you ever had or Wanted away from you….

In Effect via Brainwashing & Behavior Modification THEY are the ones who taught you to HATE….The Schools produces the Fools in today’s World….And the Media & the Communist Government pound it home every day….

 WHAT HAPPENED TO AMERICA? Well the Government that you  thought was your Savior is now your MASTER….We don’t dream, we don’t pray, we don’t play, we don’t love, we don’t live & we apparently don’t care…Pathetic cowards we have come…the land of the FREE….not anymore…  

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