by Danny Jeffrey
As a conservative political writer, and a non-Christian, I frequently find myself in an awkward situation; that being how do I reveal an ugly truth to my many Christian readers who need to know that truth but would rather not hear it because it detracts from the concepts that they cherish? I have no doubt that I have lost readers due to such efforts. That loss is both their's and mine, but to one such as I who lives to find the truth that loss is an acceptable part of the pursuit, and now, I go there again. Tiptoeing through eggshells is not one of my talents and so eggshells may break but the truth must be revealed.

Today, I read an excellent article written and researched by Cliff Kincaid and published by Accuracy in Media. Those words and facts troubled me immensely and set me upon a great deal of soul searching and a deeper understanding of what makes humanity tick. I concluded that what makes a great deal of humanity 'tick' is the quest for wealth, influence, and power, and I began to apply that belief to some of our finer goals. Shortly I shall get to that outstanding essay from Mr. Kincaid but first, go with me, if you will, on my personal quest for enlightenment...

I have concluded that no matter how noble the concept, how lofty the ideals, how forged in truth a plan may be, in time it is going to become corrupt. That downward spiral seems to be part and parcel of everything decent ever put forth by the human race, and that knowledge saddens me.

Look no farther back than the birth of this great nation. Look to the Founding Fathers, who gambled their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor, in an effort to create a nation where men can be free. That whole gamble was based on a belief in concepts put forth by the philosophers of the Enlightenment who conceived of a humanity consisting of free men unfettered by the chains of royalty or the religious dogma of churches. Those great thinkers of Europe inspired our Founders, who in turn freed us to be our very best, and thus America was born.

While still imperfect, for the first time in six thousand years of history a man could stand erect and proclaim to the universe "I matter!"

Now, less than three hundred years later I can still say that I matter but must acknowledge that I matter not to the powers that be. They have opened the floodgates allowing the most vile forms of humanity to stake their claim to my birthright. You know this to be true and later the topic shall be addressed again. For the moment, a bit more on how good morphs into bad and descends into ugly.

Look anywhere you so choose and find that I am right about this descent of all that is good into the very pits of hell.

Let us tale a look at education ... The whole concept of educating the masses was born of the desire to lift them out of ignorance and into a better way of life, and it worked. Now what has education become? Indoctrination, propaganda, and brain washing. Strip the young of their ability to discern the truth, the ability to create a better world for themselves and others, and the chance to read history and therefore be more equipped to deal with the future. All Gone!!! We are sending our young and their future to hell in the proverbial hand basket in the acceptance of political correctness.

Let us try something as noble yet mundane as the Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts. I need not go into the history of the concepts. You all know what the scouts were all about, and today that purity has been stripped away, once again by political correctness. Now if a boy chooses to be a girl or a girl chooses to be a boy we must, in the effort to offend none, acknowledge their right to deny reality. We must bow at the alter of their illusory pursuits and dissect all that the scouting movement once meant, but by all means we must not call upon facts, reality, or common sense. Bow to the perverse and raise it above us like a sacred golden calf. The truth is malleable, reality can be dictated by those who direct our thoughts, and the future is owned by those who have claimed its stewardship.

I care not where you look. Try law enforcement, once the domain of those who chose to fight evil. Now it has become the whipping post of those evil who have garnered the power to direct the public discourse.

Try the military. These are the people who have long protected our shores and fought tyranny worldwide. Now they have become the testing grounds of a metrosexual agenda, and our aging generals, ever mindful of their retirement package, are trading away the nation's long term future for their immediate short term security.

Try venture capitalists. These are the people who fostered the industrial revolution and lifted much of the world out of poverty. They crossed continents with railroad tracks and concrete highways bringing necessities and comfort to those even in remote locations. Today these Capitalists that I once admired are standing in line to sign contracts with Iran to make a few billion more dollars before an Iranian nuke blows us all to hell.

You and I could look about us and name so many more such sources of erosion in our nation's infrastructure, but I can think of no greater degradation than what has occurred to our churches, for it is there that most find a basis for the morality by which they live. Erosion extracts its toll not only on great mountains, and the infrastructure of great nations, but also the very soul of a man reeling with confusion due to events about him. Confused, frightened, demoralized people have long turned to their religious leaders for guidance, and there found strength.

Gone is that comfort, and the demoralized know not where to turn as like all others, organized religion has managed to descend into the swamps. They have long since abandoned the moral high ground and find their new calling in betraying those of faith, and leading those still foolish enough to follow them to an ignominious fate.

We are all aware of the fact there is much evil in the world around us. Understanding its source is the first step in opposing it.

These so called Sanctuary Cities are providing safe haven for foreign criminal elements that come to America, assaulting, burglarizing, beating, raping and murdering our people. Religious zealots, and their communist counterparts, tell us that we must suffer and sacrifice per their interpretation of the Bible. I do not plan to suffer or sacrifice to please anyone's agenda. That agenda is evil and I totally denounce their insanities and what they call religion.

In the above I have done my part and shall now leave you to the inspired tutelage of Cliff Kincaid.

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