The Day Democratic Party Died

 November 22nd, 2013, is the 50th anniversary of what can, in hindsight and in Truth, be called the Day America Died

Anyone who has taken the time to study the facts about that fateful day in Dallas, TX, will already know that JFK was deliberately murdered by a cabal of psychopathic warmongers who were opposed to his plans for a more peaceful world. That same cabal is still in power today, and it has extended its reach across the globe.

For fifty years, the Democrat party has been on a mission to convince our young people that it's trendy and fashionable ...

--to hate America,

--to hate the constitution,
--to hate capitalism and
--to hate our founding fathers.

The Democratic Party has also made it trendy and fashionable to ...

--be an atheist and to denounce any kind of religious value system that you grew up with.

Why? The democrat Party has been hijacked by the American-hating communists and in honesty, it should now be called The Communist Party.

The democrats have used our public school classrooms to instill into the minds of our youth, the likes of these communists

--Karl Marx
--Saul Alinsky
--Howard Zinn

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