That's it, I'm done!

Well, we have been beaten again by the Liberals. Yep, it’s all but over.
We are fighting among ourselves over Trump, we are divided because this side likes him and the other side doesn’t.
We have GOP contenders attacking Trump, making him their focus point. To hell with the issues, full attack on Trump!!!!
And Hillary, ah forget about her, WE GOT TO ATTACK TRUMP!!!!!!
What about ISIS attacks here in the US, ?UCK THAT TRUMP IS THE ENEMY, GO AFTER TRUMP!!!!!
What about any other political issues, ?UCK TRUMP, ?UCK TRUMP!!!!!!
I like TRUMP so ?UCK YOU!!!!
I hate TRUMP so ?UCK YOU BACK!!!!

Poke a fork in US, we are done.

Remember the Super Bowl? Did New England win it or did Seattle lose it?
Because of all our infighting, we are giving it to them. We just can't seem to let it all ride out, listen to all the Candidates views on the issues and when the time comes, cast our vote for whom we feel is the best bet. Oh no, that would be the sensible thing to do, instead it's attack-attack-attack each other because we don't agree with the others views or them ours and play right into the Liberals hands.

Like I've said before, the Liberals don’t have to worry about dividing US; we'll do it for them. Divide and Conquer, Divide and Conquer. Just wave the White Flag and Surrender because if we stay the course we're on, IT'S OVER!

Stop the Planet; I want to get off now.

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