If BARRY & the LIBERALS are the ANSWER to the WORLD’S PROBLEMS….What was the REAL QUESTION or QUEST…sounds like a SUICIDE Mission to me…So it seems to me that to make the WORLD RIGHT again… we apparently need Socialism, Communism, Marxism, Fascism & Islam in some form….

No more Capitalism, Democracy, Republics or Christianity , Buddhism or Hinduism can be tolerated…because that requires the ability to think for oneself ….That requires Responsibility …that requires Knowledge…that requires Morals & UNDERSTANDING…..

Since when did Parasites, Leeches, Maggots, Termites, Fleas, Ticks & Suckers of every variety need help finding a NEW HOST to suck the blood from?….Well Apparently they do so Barry, liberals & the New World Order decided to create new hosts…By & large that’s the duty of SCHOOLS & the MEDIA….The Government needed a Peons, Pawn & Stupid Brainwashed type of Parasite to be their personal Slaves … But what will they do to replenish that Slave Race?…. Well I can’t see how the Gays, Lesbians & Transsexuals are going to help with that….And then we have the MUSLIMS mounting Sheep, Goats, Camels & Little Boys….

his LIBERALISM has us on the Brink of another CIVIL WAR....Will we have the COURAGE to fight, I Wonder....This Government will take FAGS over FLAGS any day...What does that tell you? It will take MUSLIMS over CHRISTIANS any time they can...PATHETIC....   

OK now, how many of you think we can put the Genie Back In the Bottle again? How many of you think like Ancient ROME the existing GENE POOL is REGRESSING…..going backwards….Well if this is LIBERAL HEAVEN, I will take a pass….This is not living & I WAS NOT put on this EARTH to serve FALSE MESSIANIC ASSHOLES like BARRY & this NOW very COMMUNIST Government….Again I say I’d rather be dead….And yes I know they will assist me anyway they can in that task….

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