by Danny Jeffrey

Yesterday I did something rather unusual. Instead of writing an essay I simply assembled one day of links from my Facebook wall and added a few pertinent comments. The whole point of that effort was that this world is going totally mad, a madness I believe that is being intentionally implemented by a grand design of our leaders at the behest of their Globalist overlords. In that essay I put forth the thought that the madness I linked to was totally unexceptional. In fact it has become the norm and it will continue and grow ever worse on a daily basis. That premise is quite easy to prove, requiring only an encore today.

We have all at one time or another looked forward to the friendly ice cream truck driver arriving in our neighborhood. Times are changing as our elected, appointed, and religious leaders, keep insisting on implementing multiculturalism across the nations of the west. Muslims are what they are and will not adapt to the nations that give them refuge, and so we are forced to change to accommodate their hostilities , even when it comes to something as mundane as selling ice cream.

Jihad Watch ... July 10, 2015
Denmark: After numerous assaults, ice cream company hires off-duty policemen to deliver in Muslim areas

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