by Danny Jeffrey

Recently I have done a rather unusual thing in several different essays. Rather than limiting myself to one primary topic I addressed all of the issues posted to my wall in the preceding twenty four hour period. The whole purpose was to demonstrate to America that we are being attacked and falling apart not from one issue at a time, but from an all encompassing assault on all of our liberties. This assault is led by the ignorant, the low information voters, and the useful idiots ranging from our local bureaucrats, to Washington DC, to the United Nations. Yes, they lead but their actions are being directed by the Globalists, fondly referring to themselves as the Master of the Universe.

National Review ... Jeff Sessions ... September 11, 2014
Don’t Give the Masters of the Universe Their Amnesty
The Senate isn’t doing anything to stop Obama’s plans — thank the plutocrats.

Today Americans are being assailed with pure nonsense about the Confederate flag, sandblasting images of Confederate heroes from Stone Mountain, about high ranking members of the GOP attacking Ted Cruz, and especially Donald Trump, the war on women, and the FBI telling of their inability to understand the motives of the poor confused terrorist who killed five American warriors in Chattanooga.

Meanwhile others are being murdered nationwide by illegal immigrants while the government continues promoting their multicultural agenda and downplaying the tragedies that are the result of this multiculturalism.

Today in a group that I visit on a regular basis the following video from C-SPAN was posted. It was quite informative as it dealt with the families of some who have been murdered by people who should never have been allowed into the United States.

C-SPAN ... July 21, 2015
Immigration Enforcement
Family members of murder victims where the accused was in the U.S. illegally testified at a hearing on immigration

There were moments of anger, frustration, sadness, sympathy; all of emotions one would expect from such a gathering, but what actually affected me most was a comment posted by a long term internet friend as she wrote "Nothing will happen until we get rid of the Corrupt DOJ and this administration- Sick of all these damn hearings and nothing is done to anyone." H/T to Linda Borst.

And that is it. Shooting from the hip and speaking from the heart. Plain and simple, and quite factual. We have seen the Senate and Congressional groups investigate Hillary, Fast and Furious, the DOJ, Benghazi, the EPA, the IRS, the list goes on and on and on, and as Linda so wisely tells us "nothing is done to anyone." Her frustration inspired the title of this essay, 'Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying NOTHING!'

We are simply following the dangled carrot of political promises, and being led through smoke and mirrors only to find yet more smoke and mirrors. Washington has a status quo to maintain and they allow the few honest and dedicated leaders to make their speeches and keep the patriots deluded in believing that there is a way to save America. There is not, it is all just another carrot.

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