If you could take these personality disorders & roil then into one what would you have?
 A person who answers ever question with what you want to hear
A person who is a Pathological Chronic Liar  
A person who is the consummate thief
A person who would steal from Friends & Family
A person who would Extort or Bribe you
A person who would not hesitate to Murder …for gain..
A person who has the Classic Personality Disorder…
A person who justifies everything they do for their own means
A person who can charm you into darkness
A person who lives & believes their own lies
A person who is a best a Fair-Weather Friend
A person who is Really your Sworn ENEMY …..
A person who is Delusional….Like a Rabid Dog…at times…
A person who is A WOLF in SHEEP'S Clothing….
A Person who’s HEART is as DARK as the Deepest ABYSS
A Person who wants to infect their cancerous hate to ever human on the planet…
A person who is a LOSER ,A PARASITE & USER of all…
Well they sure as hell aren't your Best Friend …
Well you can just about have your pick of the 537 CORRUPT Politicians In WASHINGTON & their Cohorts…Starting with OBAMA all the way down to their Political hack Helpers …  

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