In many ways you can look at AMERICA like a tree….A tree once planted from a seed that grew into a tree that gave us fruit….That fruit that we have been harvesting for a few Centuries gave us in many ways the Fruit of our knowledge…our insight…our wisdom…our truths …our laws…our rights and our PURPOSE….Our Road and our Reason to UNITE & Stand against the Evil & Evil doers of the world….

Many before us have fought & died for our freedoms that we sadly took for granted….Our forefathers not only planted a Tree the Built the House for which we lived….Intertwined within the BRANCH that they nurtured, pruned for strength & watered with not only all the knowledge & wisdom they could muster, they gave their Blood, their Heart & their Soul…

They Gave us a Constitution, they gave us a bill of rights, they gave us our laws, our freedoms & a Vision…They Gave us Branches or Government & the ability through those Branches the ability to Craft Laws that were Moral & Right….Laws not Filled with Nefarious evil intend, done is some backroom wheeling & dealing…These men while not being perfect tried to make laws that could be easily tweaked or refined as necessary ….Lets face another FACT many of these men were First MEN that had God Flowing through their veins….They  were farmers, merchants , Sailors as well as Lawyers, they were Godly….They were INSPIRED by the Vision that this World could be a Better Place, IF we were willing to sacrifice, set Goals, work hard & BELIEVE that United we could accomplish most anything…  

And along came a few EVIL men, who through their EVIL LIES have” Poisoned the well”…..These men thorough their EVIL  wanted to RULE THE WORLD…..And so Now Decades later in Retrospect we find that  AMERICA, THE FREEDOM TREE, has had all its Branches cut OFF one by one & All the Freedoms from the leaves, the flowers that BARED our FRUITS  cut off one by one….

Now as I look around I See a Corrupt Diseased TRUNK o AMERICA, THE FREEDOM TREE being cut down to a STUMP by the EVIL that Possesses this Government, this Culture or this Society….Believe me this is not about making the poor rich or enlightened….It was always about the TRUE EVIL WITHIN OUR SOULS… AMERICA, THE FREEDOM TREE is DEAD….EVIL cloaked as Liberalism, AKA Communism has finished us off without much more than a GRUNT….And No fight at all….

What Bothers me is most of the inhabitants of this land don’t even care, much less understand….it would seem to me in an AGE of INFORMATION , we actually know NOTHING, No Truth, No Value & No reality…. AMERICA, THE FREEDOM TREE …RIP

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