Saturday, July 1, 2017


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© Robby Bowling
As we head into our tomorrows
Lets reflect on times now past
The mirror reflects a biased reflection
True or not it will not last
In days gone by we've seen glory
Yet we've all had plans go astray
We've seen the serpent & the tempest
And we've seen the sun on cloudy days
We live to learn as we searched for essence
And love should not be a fairy-tale
Once we were proud & one large family
But that's now drowned into a wishing well
Right or wrong are not just mere opinions
They are the foundation of who we are
Understanding is always searching
And without that knowledge we won't go too far
Why do we slander what was real
Good or bad that's how we learned
Why do I feel hate when the winds are blowing
There was a time when knowledge was earned
Once the family was what truly guided us
It was like the Father, the Son & the Holy Ghost
It seems now forever broken
Yet its the thing we need the most
We've allowed fools to intertwine us
We've become spellbound by wicked lies
But truth they're not it's just a spell they're weaving
They are taking us to a darker time...
What happened to the young child
That searched for life's answers
Is he now the old broken man
Living in a world rife with cancer
Why are there wars when all men seek freedom
Why are there rivers where no water flows
Why is there helplessness, why aren't we together
Why believe the fool, who will never know
We were once a nation guided by God's wisdom
Now we spurn that very thought
Once there was reason, with little doubting
Have we forgotten why real heroes fought
This road we've traveled seems long & winding
But there was once adventure in the air
There were friends & lovers , oh & all those memories
We laughed , played & nobody cared
Yes I know this world was forever changing
But into what, if I may ask
It seems we've lost & we've now surrendered
Isn't this just hate hidden behind a mask
I'm not a pretender & I have no answers
But there is darkness in the hours to come
We need solders who believe in reason
And I see cowards who will scatter & run
It's far to easy to say we are lost & fearful
It's not like this stage hasn't been set before
There is Evil & it can be conquered
Why believe the lie, open up the door
This land that was ours was never perfect
But if you've never sinned,well throw your stone
A work in progress is life's adventure
What is mine is yours, this is our home
America was once the Eagle with long talons
Could dive & find it's prey in midair
It was Valiant & no never perfect
But once upon a time there were a few who cared
A house divided creates many fissures
Where does one go without will
It should be simple, it should be just me & you
Yet the intent is now to kill
We can rebuild this broken family
If we return to what was truth
And that is not a word now that's ever spoken
The liars think now they can never lose
Only listen to what's inside you
Sometimes words drive us apart
There is a Battle & like a fire it's raging
Soon it will be time to march
Yes I'm dismayed by all this chaos
Why can't we see that this is staged
When the time comes what will be your answer
Will it be our epitaph on our last page
Once there were mountains & they inspired many
Once there were streams where life always flowed
Once there was music & all would listen
Once upon a time we were young and bold
Once we gave because of love & kindness
The power of gold has yielded this hell
Once we were humble & sought forgiveness
Once there was an awe & a inspiring spell
Torn & tattered we have sails that need mending
The eyes are tired yet we push on
Life is precious , so why all this indifference
Is this not just another minstrels song
I turn & watch the very young sparrow
It's destiny has wings because the quest is to fly
The blood in my veins comes from my lineage
And its part of my truth, that I will not deny
Where is the spirit without an answer
Where is the soul when words no longer rhyme
What is love is love without sharing
Hasn't the struggle been here all the time
Where will you be if the wall goes a tumbling
What good does it do to say I told you so
Lost in a wilderness & more than just frightened
Feeling disheartened with no place to go
The tear has no meaning without emotion
Once laughter came from the heart
Once touch was a loving gesture
Where is it now, it's all fallen apart
Where will you go in a world cold & baron
Where do you find faith as fires embers glow
How do you find faith in a world with no purpose
Was it all truth or a lie & only for show
What happened to pride, happened to reason
Adrift in an ocean with no shore in sight
Surrounded by darkness & disbelievers aplenty
No one is now taught true wrong or right
Take a good look at the moment
Take a good look at our past
Take a good look at your dreams
Take a good look is the dye now cast