Readily admitting I am not everyone's cup of tea, I don't embrace ideas "just because,"I do try to be "fair minded" & I do try to think beyond the "First Impression"..I guess what I'm saying is, I'm Very Hard to "Close A Deal With...I do try to look beyond the "Rhetorical BS & Pressure to say yes, no or maybe on cue...It's not that I can't be CONNED, because on any given day we all can be, but I am "Street Smart!" "PT Barnum" is reputed as to gave said this"There's A Sucker Born Ever Second" Oh Well, I think you get the drift....

Most of this Human Sub-Species believes Governments are Corrupt. Most of them believe Politicians are LIARS. But having said that why is it the "Rationalize" the Corruption & the Liars are the ones "From The Other Side" Sort of Bewildering isn't it? Why is that true? Is it that we don't want to admit"We've been Had or Conned? You know you can deny me the truth & I will accept it or reject it ...But you "can't lie to yourself, well the CAVEAT is thus "Depending on your level of Ignorance" There are many who apparently can walk on TWO LEGS that can't think beyond his/her/tranny Welfare Check! And dare I mention Bad Parents, Bad Schools & a Main Stream Media that LEANS so far to the LEFT they are going in Circles... Problem is its a Toilet & the Circular Motion is LIBERAL EXCREMENT being Flushed...There in lies the Stench we smell 24/7....

In My Opinion, LIBERALISM is not a disease its a "TAUGHT BEHAVIOR" & WTF if your" Born Ignorant "you are Easier Ito Train....Brain-Washing& Behavior Modification are for the most part the SAME THING...IDK maybe its a "Freudian slip" but why do they call the shows on TV "Programming"
Let's be honest here you can't FIX or CURE a problem if you can Identify it....These days we can't even TALK about it ...I mean to say , you just can't Scream loud enough to "Penetrate" the Empty Skulls of the LIBERAL Snake, Maggot, Skunk or whatever it prefers to call itself in that moment in time....Insofar as LIBERALS go, how in the Hell do we "De-Program" those IDIOTS....Lets look at ADDICTION, an Alcoholic or Doper can't be CURED if The Can't Admit They Have A Problem....That's almost a "Catch 22" damned if you do & dammed if you don't !

My Opinion is this, we have a Government that's Likely BEYOND Redemption! The Cancer has spread too far! We have a Culture of mostly LEMMINGS willing to Run Off The Liberal Communist Cliff, on CUE! We have a Government that will sell us out at the drop of a hat...And forget the 60's Mantra of "Peace & Love"....All you hear is HATE & you hear if from Everyone....Unless you are a COWARD (many are) sooner or later you'd think people would STOP & SAY...ENOUGH, QUIT PUSHING this Crap at the Few of us that still "Retain" the lost ability to "THINK FOR OUR SELVES....

We've allowed this Oligarchy to hold us not as HOSTAGES of our own Freedoms....Are we too Ignorant & Cowardly now to Fight , SOMETIMES I WONDER!

Just like the MAFIA, what we're witnessing daily in D.C. is "TURF WARS"

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