Leftist Hate Speech Evolving Into Violence. How Soon Will It Become Deadly?

Words do matter. The incessant hatred spewed by the left has already lead to countless incidents of violence since the 2016 election. Soros is fueling and funding much of it, but the embers of this hatred were simply nascent and ready to be stoked into a full blown blaze when the time was right.
Several pro Trump demonstrations were disrupted by the Antifas who proceeded to attack many Trump supporters  outright.

In Huntington Beach CA, the pro Trumpers fought back and largely won. How long before knives and guns are brought to these events. The Antifas will attack and the Trump supporters will be forced to defend themselves. It will get nasty and escalate the 2nd American Civil War.
Decades of subtle, which evolved into not so subtle, indoctrination and infiltration into every level of our educational system has planted the seeds of intolerance and contempt for the American way of life .
Free speech on any subject is under approved assault.

The following article is long, informative and breathtaking. 
A Rollins College Muslima professor gets Christian Student SUSPENDED for blasphemy  for  challenging statements the professor was making regarding Christianity and Muslim Orthodoxy. Horrendous.

Too many have been politically educated  into the school of venom and vitriol toward those who do not adhere to the leftist totalitarian belief system. The 2016 election has given them the fodder they so desperately need to "make their point".  Trump Is President, And Now The Left Justifies Political Violence
Just what is their "point". For some, it is simply going to a protest to get paid and to have a good time. For others, it is a deadly serious effort to sew anarchy and chaos in order to crash the American system and then step in to save the nation by rebuilding it to meet the new standards of their belief system.
The first group is usually comprised of deadbeats and slackers. The second group is far more dangerous. They are the ideologically indoctrinated useful idiots who are unwittingly serving globalists masters. Assuming victory, should they start asking questions or challenging the masters' authority, they will be eliminated without mercy. Toeing the party line without question is a sine qua non for all leftists. Period!

European leaders seem to be barreling their citizens down the Highway To Hell either through complicity or through a well meaning but clueless attempt to silence hateful speech regarding Islam.
Theresa May “The fight against terrorism and hate speech has to be a joint one”

Does she realize that her Head Scarf expresses Dhimmitude?

Seriously? Islamism is the avowed enemy of all non-Islamic cultures and nations. Islamists engage in hateful and ideologically approved hate speech which advocates violence against all non-Muslims. How confusing that such rhetoric is not included in the hate category.

GERMANY orders media NOT to report ethnicity or religion when reporting crimes, rapes, or terrorism

8 Muslims rape a German teacher because she deserved it.
So hiding the truth will make it go away? German leadership cannot be that insensate and/or naive as to what their citizens are suffering at the hands of these imported and apparently unrefined "refugees", who have no intention of assimilating into a kafir culture.

The European media's unhinged response to Trump's victory shows how far down the the vacuous road of inanity it has traveled.
Note many of the links in the first paragraph of this article smearing Trump have apparently been pulled.  Trump's Nazis? The European media’s twisted tactics in smearing a U.S. president. 
Linking Trump to the KKK

Again this raises the question--are they really so devoid of reason or are they under complete globalist control?
Enter the United Nations:
UN: All Governments Should Crack Down on Hate Speech  Any ideas as to what such hate speech they have in mind to target? Hypocrisy, dissimulation and prevarication are the main drivers of this so called "suggestion".

This brief essay The Left and Violence' succinctly states the matter:
Much has been made, and rightly so, of leftists’ physical and verbal violence toward conservatives. That the left is inherently violent when faced with opposition to its ideas and aims is unsurprising to me. Leftism is a state of mind that demands control. Leftists project their authoritarianism onto conservatives, one result of which is the false portrayal of Hitler as a right-wing dictator.
Just think about the means by which leftists attain their ends. First, they rely on government — which is the big kahuna of coercive institutions. After that it’s just a matter of selecting the preferred instrument of coercion: regulation, taxation, redistribution, hate-thought-crime legislation, abridgement of property rights and freedom of association, affirmative action racial quotas, and so on.
Leftism is built on control. Control is attained by coercion. Coercion is based on the threat of violence — the ability of the state’s agents to search, seize, summon, compel, fine, and imprison at will — and to use force in doing any of those things.
In sum, leftism depends on violence — or the clear threat of it. Violent outbursts from the left should surprise no one but naifs and leftist hypocrites. source

Yes words do matter. They reflect a thought process which generally leads to a logical (in the minds if the users) action. We should not be surprised at the unfolding of current events.
Thus, what is the next step?

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