by Robby Bowling
 There was a cloud that came with ignorance
And came in with such a rush
It started with a foolish mind  
And you didn't know who to trust
As the shadow crept across the land
It devoured every mind
Everyone then turned to hate 
And there was a blurring of every line
Where once the heart held promise
It's now turned to despair & fear
The world was shaking as courage died
As apparitions reappeared
Was it a ghost from yesterday
I guess we will never know
Because we sat, we waited far too long
It seems we missed the show 
What was this thing called human kind
That's brought this world to decay
When you loose reason & rational
You don't know what's in play   
And what is this beast that hovers now 
It puts chills in every soul
It gives no light & shows no warmth
And it's now left us in the cold
Once we could see across the bay
And we could row the boat to shore
But now whatever it is gripping us  
We should have locked behind the door
Will we remember the days gone by
And the few moments that we shared
And the glass of wine as the stories told
And there was lightness in the air
We may never know what could have been
For we didn't stand and fight
We hid beneath the covers drawn
Because we feared the darkened nights
So here I am, now so old & grey
And I reminisce those brighter days
A mind once free is now controlled
We got lost upon the way  
We lost this thing called beauty
We lost even our silent prayers
We lost all our hopes and dreams
And now we don't even dare
This breath we take may well be our last
There's very little for us now
I'll not be the servant nor the maid
I guess this is the price we paid

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