As we get closer to our Final Inning, Final Out & Final Strike & this World Needs Leadership, Visionaries or Pathfinders & Seekers much like Churchill, Jefferson, Franklin, Pershing, Patton, Adams or even a Truman or a Reagan all we get is Pretenders , Phonies, Fakes, Cons & Charlatans like the OBAMA'S , CLINTON'S & I'll even throw in the BUSH'S ......You cannot COMPARE the two different sets....If this is as "Good As It Gets" well quite frankly we are more than SCREWED.....

Other than being Power-Hungry, Greedy, Narcissistic Sociopaths that "Think" & "Pass" themselves as Messiahs or Gods , they are either TOTALLY 100% Inept or in Bed with EVIL....And because all we do is Quibble , Squabble, Snort, Retort , Fart & Allow this either version SPELLS DEATH to  AMERICA, as if there are more than a handful that give a damn....

Have we lost "All Perspective" about life? We are fixing to Celebrate a Holiday we call "LABOR DAY"  I ask you this; for whom do you LABOR ? Is it for your Family, those you care for & love?...Or is it to SUPPORT this TYRANNY we seem to be surrounded by? Did you BUST your ass working & saving just to Support all the Chaos & Anarchy you see every minute of every day? Did you Sacrifice just to have this Government SQUANDER it all on Fake, Faux or Phantom Government Projects, Agencies , Con Games or Wars? I'll ask you this Would you GIVE MONEY to a Charity that "CAUSES CANCER?" Causes Misery? Causes Hate? As well as SLAUGHTERS Millions everyday....Well Buddy that what you Doing when you Support MUSLIMS.....

The MUSLIMS Role in HILLARY'S AMERICA (Soros) will to be just like "HITLERS SS, The GESTAPO"....The Evolving "POLICE STATE" is real....Don't believe me, go read about the Deal between HITLER & The MUSLIMS...But alas that Final Chapter of Germany's History, didn't Happen, or maybe, just maybe it was just PUT on HOLD until AMERICANS became so Complaisant & Apathetic you could fool them , buy them off, bribe them, extort them with FEAR & False Flag Wars....And then we have the MEDIA, its essentially Owned & Controlled by "big Brother" .....Whoever Controls the Media, controls the Masses....(GOEBBELS)...Does anyone know about "Operation Mockingbird?" Does anyone know about the "REICHSTAG FIRE?" If you don't , ask yourself why? They don't Teach HISTORY because they (the Government) don't want you to Know or Understand anything....EVER!



Let's face it , like it or not you are OWNED & CONTROLLED by this Government....When they are tried of you, bored with you, you can't Perform for them, you will become Expendable.....That moment will soon arrive as he HILLARY/SOROS Prison Camp become a Reality.....
Enjoy your LABOR DAY, elect HILLARY & it will be your last 

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