Continuing on with my Pessimistic,Cynical , Sarcastic mood....Does anyones with a Brain (not to be confused with a Brain-Fart) really Believe that AMERICA is "STILL" the Greatest Place to Live ? If so, for how much longer? Liberalism ....the "New World Order " version introduced & funded by Soros, the Rothschild's & their Best Buddies, has Made EUROPE one Big "WELFARE STATE"....MUSLIMS who are only Maggots on two legs , give nothing to their new homes.....no thank you's, just demands & demands & demands into infinity.....There is FAR More Violence in France, Belgium, Germany , England & all or the Netherlands then we've been told ....This Government & its Propaganda Ministries don't dare tell you the Truth, they don't even tell you a FRACTION of it....
Everything you Hear & Fear is Going on in EUROPE is already being Planned, Staged & Arranged to Happen Here, on a "Large Scale" if they need it to finish off the 'New World Order's" Quest for WORLD DOMINATION....Think about it, we were once like a "lighthouse Beacon" shinning through the Darkness, Stormy Heavy Seas , that gave Some hope that Land & Opportunity were in sight....While I admit this never was Paradise or Utopia.....It was never the HELL that Liberals like OBAMA , Hate Passionately......

Life should be Simplistic at least as we view it & set our Goals & Standards....Life should be a GARDEN where we Reap what we SOW......But what are we Sowing these days, all I see are SEEDS of Discontent , there are no seeds of Joy! ...The Trick is to find a Balance between your Highest Highs & your Lowest Lows....We don't do that to well do we? At least anymore......If life is a CANVAS that we Paint, why have our Visions become so Dark, Cloudy & Sad? Once upon a time when we needed some Perspective, Balance & Reassurance we sought counsel from our Elders & our Trusted Friends ....We no longer do that because for the most part the FAMILY UNIT doesn't exist....The Next extension of that was Religion, well most (not all) of the them "SOLD OUT" .....The Mega-Churches in particular.....So we turned to our Leaders.....well they "Sold Out" too....
I guess the Point I'm eluding to & my question is "WHO DO YOU TRUST?" Isn't it time, actually past the time for us to "TURN INWARD?"....Don't you still have the basic instincts left that gave you Guidance....You know the ones about , Right, Wrong, Good, Evil, Faith, Trust,Fear, Laughter,  Life & Death ?  When I was a Child , I wanted to believe that MAN in general could LIVE in PEACE.....That We could all Prosper , Grow, Nourish & Live & Let Live.....Well that "AIN'T SO"........If life was only as simple as "Planting a Garden".....And if only you had to WORRY about "You & Yours".....Instead of being in "Control of your own destiny" we gave the reins to those we NEVER EVER Should have......We learned or was taught to Doubt ourselves & while NONE of us got it Right even some of the time ( our decisions) when we Failed we learned, when we Succeeded we Celebrated.....But when others FAILED you, what is your recourse ? And when your COUNTRY (government) FAILS you time & time & time again , what will you do ? What is your Recourse or Redress ?

To continue this CHARADE is insanity, but that is exactly what we will do.....We don't Believe in ourselves enough anymore to apparently make a stand....FEAR & HATE is being sold with every breath we take..... How can you actually sell Fear, Hate & Hope in the same sequence ? You can't.....its either one or the other....Why can't we see beyond the Illusion, into the Shadows & Conquer Fears Grasp  & hold on us.....I can only ascertain & conclude we are actually no longer Prisoners, but we are in fact SLAVES.....WE must love it or we'd stop this MADNESS .....That being said I guess you'll LOVE the SADIST HILLARY....I quite honestly would rather be DEAD than be this Governments Servant any longer,,,,

Mark Twain once said, "Biographies are but the clothes and buttons of the man. The biography of the man himself cannot be written." Nevertheless, one must try - otherwise every historical figure would slip into obscurity
Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often. Mark Twain
All generalizations are false, including this one. Mark Twain
Let us endeavor so to live so that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry. Mark Twain

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