Oh my, how far we have advanced in this Culture's Word Games...It seems that today words are awarded meanings in Hindsight & we conveniently dismiss or forget what that they mean,....a 400 Million Dollar payment made in the Dark of the Night, no Cameras Rolling, no Fanfare & no Celebrating was only a GIFT, not a RANSOM....It was a Old Debt not Ransom....And it had NOTHING Whatsoever to do Hostages, much less a SOON to be announced NUCLEAR deal with IRAN....

.HILLARY CLINTON wasn't charged with Perjury in her EMAIL Investigation because Congress didn't ask the FBI to do so. But the FBI said in effect She Was Not Truthful....And that's not a LIE nor is it Perjury?

While I am not a LAWYER, have we forgotten what the Definition is for Treason..    Or for that matter THEFT ?

Foundations, Charities & Political packs are often used as FRONTS for Money.....They make it look legal, but that's the CON......Ask AL CAPONE about his "Protection Money"

HILLARY CLINTON worked as Secretary Of State & While she was holding down that job, Big BILL CLINTONS speaking fees went for MILLION$ & COINCIDENTALLY many Of the Worlds Top Players  Donated to the CLINTON CHARITY....And that's Legal?

Every Foreign ARAB MUSLIM Country in the UNIVERSE gave the CLINTON CHARITY Millions of DOLLAR$ & for what I may ask? Damn sure ain't her Beauty....It can't possibly be because of her KINDNESS.....Is that what some call ,"Pay To Play, Extortion or Bribery?" And that isn't Illegal ?

And sadly in this Day & Age where no one loves anything or anyone but their own NARCISSISM, what's left ? When we place MATERIAL Possessions above Kindness, Compassion , Caring or Love what's left ? I mean why are we even here ? Are we just sacrificial Pawns In The Game?  What does all this Mean ? Does it Mean anything at all ? Was this just an exorcise in Futility ? Was this Experiment just a Waste of time ? Or maybe I should say , an exorcise in Futility ? Wasn't there supposed to be a Rhyme or Reason for everything ? 
You know, "Reaping What You Sow" is not the same thing as "Stealing" just because you can....I have a few very Good Friends & Family that I Love Dearly....But I hate to say it but, I DESPISE this GOVERNMENT & what it has done to this Country, we once called AMERICA.....HITLER would be PROUD of the Job SOROS & the ROTHSCHILD'S have done to us.....We Surrendered, we were Stupid, we were Lazy & Apathetic.....

Because of the STAGED INFIGHTING inside the REPUBLICAN PARTY I don't see anyway out of here....NARCISSISM RULES....The Fat Cats are are making sure we are straying DIVIDED....Kinda makes me think they sold their SOULS to SOROS & the ROTHSCHILDS...In fact I'd bet on it....And I guess there are some of you that will just say I'm a CYNIC & AMERICA has come back from more hardships.....Well we once had men with Courage who led our Army's & our Governments....I am sorry I DO NOT SEE THAT ANYMORE.....

Politicians are not Messiahs, but today's Politicians are the Worst of there Worst.....They will Steal everything you have & not even bother to Thank you.....They Don't Care, Never Have & Never Will...  

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