Refugee Resettlement Courtesy Of Conniving And Chicanery For $$$$

The skulduggery involved in the "refugee" farce is breathtaking. As Ann Corcoran has so often pointed out, it's all about the money. Local politicians are being seduced by false promises with out so much as one iota of thought as to the social and legal consequences. 

Locals (who are often blindsided by the process) often object to the fallout that results. Then the policy supporting useful idiots invoke the  tired and most specious argument of racism . They continue to deny that there is an obvious cultural clash that, in the end, cannot be resolved.

We are all aware of the green light given to Muslims raping non-Muslim women. The refugees have no respect for any culture other than their own. Remember the 5 year old who was raped by young boys who had been inculcated with this horrendous "religious" meme.

The post below exposes more machinations regarding the pillaging of the taxpayer funded money pot by those who participate in this subterfuge.

Meet Lavinia Limon. She is looking to open offices in Rutland VT and Reno NV next!

Revolving door between government agency and its contractors finally being exposed!
Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 3, 2016

Michael Patrick Leahy writing at Breitbart has put pen to paper and pulled together some of the facts about how the refugee resettlement industry is in an incestuous arrangement between agencies that dole out your tax dollars and the contractors that receive them. If this isn’t illegal it should be! 

She is looking to open offices in Rutland VT and Reno NV next! See our Limon archive here:

The arrangement is unethical at minimum and I fault Congress for its lax review of the expanding UN/US Refugee Admissions Program for the practice Leahy exposes.

Disallowing the present arrangement is the least Congress could do to begin to reform and rein-in the program that will bring 85,000 refugees to the US this year, including 10,000 Syrian Muslims.

Here is Leahy

A revolving door in the Democratic administrations of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama has sent millions of dollars in federal funding to the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants [USCRI], which is led by two former directors of the Office of Refugee Resettlement [ORR], the federal office that selects the voluntary agencies [VOLAGs] who get lucrative federal contracts to resettle refugees.

President Bill Clinton appointed Lavinia Limon as director of ORR in 1993, a position she held until the end of his administration. After a brief interlude at the Center for New American Communities, a project of the left-leaning National Immigration Forum, Limon was named executive director of USCRI in August 2001, a position she still holds.

In 2009, President Barack Obama appointed Eskinder Negash, an Eritrean refugee on Limon’s USCRI staff, as director of ORR. When Negash resigned abruptly in December 2014, he went back to USCRI, where he now serves as Vice President of Global Development.

All of you concerned with the arrival of refugees in your towns, or the expansion of existing resettlement sites must read this report! Click here to continue!
USCRI wants Rutland and Reno next!

I have to head out early today (I’ll pass the 4,000 mile mark on my road trip) and can’t elaborate, but I want to make two additional points.

Lavinia Limon’s USCRI has two (maybe more) new sites they are targeting: Rutland, VT and Reno, NV!

And, although the focus here was on the Office of Refugee Resettlement at HHS, don’t forget that Anne C. Richard, the Asst. Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration has also revolved into the door at the US State Department from a contractor—the International Rescue Committee. See her bio here.

She had an earlier stint at the State Department and see her connection to the International Crisis Group (a Soros project). Richard says in her bio that she helped create this group!

Source : Refugee Resettlement Watch

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