"CHAOS & ANARCHY" ....Playing locally 24/7

"CHAOS & ANARCHY" ....Playing locally 24/7

Isn't it time we come to GRIPS with the FACT , that all of this "CHAOS & ANARCHY" is being Planned, Staged, Scripted & Orchestrated for one REASON.....To sell, "FEAR".....For at least a year now I have heard Numerous People talk about This Puppet Government instituting ,"Martial Law" to finish us off. & Take what's left of our Freedoms, Guns, our Property and our LIVES.....Well I am NOT going to waste my time arguing this one way or the other....But I do want to Remind those very few "Rational People" out there, if we Cave, Give in or Relent to all this Staged MURDER & MAYHEM, Then this in Effect is a PRISON & we are Captured by our own FEARS....

By that I mean if they Paralyze you & cut you off because of your FEAR, then the RESULT is the same as "Martial Law".....Plan A is PSYCHOLOGICAL, Plan B is the Real Deal....They may well do whatever it takes to CONTROL us....However will we or can we ever get past the notion of PAYING back HATE or Misunderstanding with more HATE .....Why aren't we talking about Redemption , Forgiveness, Faith, Healing & Togetherness? The ANSWER should be Quite Apparent...The Leadership in AMERICA is full of Small Minded, Hate-Filled, Sadistic, Narcissistic Pathogens that think they are GODS (some more so than others).....IMO we are being BAITED into another "RACE WAR"....First don't take the Bait, If there is to be a WAR...So-be-it.....Don't allow them to PICK the TIME & PLACE.....KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY, buy more Guns & Ammo....Maybe it's time for a "Coup d' etat" of our own ? It is either the Beginning of the End, or it's the end or the beginning.....Time to START over ..totally

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