The Patriots Daily Bites of American History:The Protestant Reformation Series 14, Volume 4: Tyndale’s prohibition of his translation under threat of “excommunication.”





The Patriots Daily Bites of American History, The Protestant Reformation Series 14, Volume 4

AKJV Preface 1875 Jackson.

Tyndale’s prohibition and “excommunication.” 

In 1526 ecclesiastical authorities ordered prohibition of Tyndale’s translation under pain of “excommunication.” Attempts to stop the Book were not successful. In 1529 the Bishop of London summoned a convention to deal with the exposing of all Tyndale’s work. In 1530 Tyndale finished the Pentateuch (First five Books of Moses) Many people were burned alive in London who merely had possession of Tyndale’s work.

In 1535 Tyndale was engaged in revising the new edition in Antwerp when by some treachery he was decoyed to Brussels and confined to the castle in Vale fort. (imprisoned) Many friends tried to help free him but to no avail. No account of his trial remains. A letter to the warden which Tyndale wrote from his deep, dark and cold prison room and a letter rebuking George Joye for changing his translation is recorded.

Tyndale tells Joye: “I DARE NOT TRY TO CORRECT THIS TRANSLATION MYSELF IF I WISH TO HAVE MY PART WITH CHRIST, THOUGH THE WHOLE WORLD BE GIVEN ME FOR MY LABOR!” Antwerp was the most commercial city in Europe. The city was under jurisdiction of Roman Empire, Charles 5th. Copyright laws did not exist and forgeries of books pirated by unscrupulous printers and proprietors were common. 

George Joye was an English refugee who took the liberty to correct Tyndale’s translation using the Latin Vulgate Version. He enraged Tyndale by making changes that were less than fitting to the meaning of Greek. To compensate for the imposter, Tyndale’s new revised Testament of 1534 contained a title page with the denunciation of Joye’s wickedness and dishonesty. This incident had fully convinced Tyndale that his translations could no longer go forth anonymous. 

(to be continued)
  Tyndale’s pitiful letter to the warden.  
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